If you don’t know who Phil Schiller is, Google him – you’ll be glad you did. Phil Schiller is Apple’s Marketing Chief, but this is just his official title. In reality, Schiller is a technology guru, mega media influencer, and social marketer extraordinaire.

What makes Schiller so great? For starters, he isn’t afraid to troll the Twitterverse and school users on the proper pluralization of Apple products. (In case you were wondering, it’s “I have two iPhone devices,” not “I have two iPhones.”) Phil Schiller is a walking, talking example of what it takes to master marketing, and we should all take a page from his book.

#1: Winning the Title of the World’s Most Influential CMO (x4)

In 2015, Schiller topped Forbes/ScribbleLive World’s list of the 50 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) for the fourth year in a row. The fourth year in a row. Not only did he make the list of the top 50 Most Influential CMOs from around the globe, but he did it four times—last year with a score equal to more than the next eight most influential CMOs combined. Many attribute Schiller’s influence to Apple’s high-profile product debuts, but his influence extends well beyond such unveilings.

Schiller’s influence comes from a combination of his killer social media skills, mobile marketing prowess, and incredible marketing innovation. His ability to influence a range of global business and marketing topics sets him apart from the Average Joe—yet he remains as down to Earth and approachable as your next-door neighbor. This stellar combination is marketing magic and has led to Schiller being recognized as the world’s most influential CMO year after year.

#2: Dominating Content Marketing

You may believe Schiller’s near-perfect marketing abilities are unattainable to the lowly Everyman CMO, but with a few simple steps, you may be closer than you think. After the 2015 list came out, Skyword Content Standard published an article with this infographic:

Post 2 Image 2 Infographic

According to this analysis, content marketing is the number-one topic every influencer on Forbes/ScribbleLive World’s list is currently talking about. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Content has been the buzzword on everyone’s tongues for quite some time now. Content marketing seems to transcend time and technological advances, remaining relevant into the foreseeable future. It has evolved from the written word to photo and video, but its main goal remains the same: to reach a brand’s desired audience with powerful, relevant information.

Schiller remains true to the main goal of content marketing in every aspect of his life. He has been with Apple for over 20 years, and in this time, he has shaped the way the brand interacts with consumers. While in charge of business and product marketing, Schiller created campaigns for some of the biggest devices in history, including the iPod, iPhone, and MacBook. These products used to sell themselves, but now Apple faces advancements from competitors such as Samsung and Android. Still, Schiller manages to sustain revenue growth.

#3: Telling Stories Heard ‘Round the World

Post 2 Image 3 Phil Schiler

Your own brand can conquer content marketing by honing one main skill: storytelling. At its core, content tells a story. It weaves a narrative about your brand, goals, purpose, and the product or service you offer. If your content falls flat and fails to express your brand’s story in a compelling way, don’t expect to hook your audience or retain consumers.

Phil Schiller shows off his own storytelling chops every time he takes to the stage for a new product debut. Schiller’s are world-famous, due to more than just the fascinating products he introduces. His ability to paint a picture with his descriptions goes a long way toward selling the product to the public and connecting with Apple’s target audience: technology consumers.

As the voice of Apple, Schiller is under immense pressure to sell a product without sounding too salesy. And ladies and gentlemen, he pulls this off gorgeously. For example, in his recent iPad Pro unveiling, Schiller leads his audience through the many features of iPad Pro with a focus on the user instead of the product itself.

He makes jokes such as mentioning how “sad” it is that over 600 million people have PCs over five years old, keeping his pitch lighthearted to connect with his audience on a personal level. He masters the art of storytelling with his sales pitches, allowing the world to see Apple products through his eyes.

#4: Connecting With Apple’s Audience Via Social Media

As I mentioned earlier, Phil Schiller really knows how to tweet. His Twitter presence extends beyond the typical duties of a CMO. Not only does Schiller announce new products and push sales, but he also connects with Apple fans personally—encouraging mass retweets and shares. By engaging with fans and customers on Twitter, Schiller boosts brand awareness and keeps Apple relevant.

Social media campaigns are incredibly important to a brand’s health in the 21st century. As the Millennial generation continues to gain more buying power, business owners need to tailor their marketing efforts to attract a younger audience. The number one way to achieve this is through social media marketing.

If you aren’t taking the time to master social media marketing, it can damage your revenue growth in the long run. From participating in 2014’s ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” to responding to fans’ tweets on Twitter with snarky comments, Phil Schiller continues to extend his influence to today’s buyers, ultimately boosting sales for Apple.

From Social Media Maverick to Global Influencer, Schiller has many titles—but you don’t have to be a marketing expert to share in his success. Keep your marketing strategy relevant by engaging with your audience via social media, and remember to tell a story with your content. Above all, keep in mind that consumers want to feel a connection with your brand. You can be that connection.