marketing1Marketing can be extremely time consuming, but making use of certain time saving techniques can help you to slowly scale down on the amount of time it takes while still remaining effective. These four time-saving marketing techniques can help you get started.

1. Carry Business Cards With You – And Use Them

Business cards are amazing. They are these tiny little cards with all of your information on them, and they can be an extremely viable marketing tool. Ensure all of your important information is on your business cards. This includes your name, company, company website URL, position, email address, phone number, and important social accounts. Carry these cards around in your pocket, purse, or wallet. Pull them out when the opportunity arises and make good use of them.

Those on a tight budget should check out The site offers 250 business cards for free to get you started. The templates for the free cards are a little more limited than their paid versions, but there are still plenty of professional designs available. For just $20, you can receive a thousand of these cards.

2. Brand Your Email Signature

If you work in the professional world at all, you are probably sending out a good number of emails. Even if you aren’t sending out dozens a day like others might be, you’re sending out at least a handful. Why not make that time you spent composing and sending emails count for double? The simplest way to do this is to brand your email signature. Properly branding email signatures would include the same information as your business card, such as your name, company, company website URL, position, email address, phone number, and important social accounts.

This helps because all of your links will be pushed out each time you send an email. It’s simple, free, and extremely time efficient. It becomes even more so when you have countless amounts of emails being sent out each day.

3. Automate Blog Post Sharing On Social Networks

If your company has a blog, you should definitely be automating post sharing on social networks. Depending on who hosts your site, you should be able to easily share your posts on a number of sites. The most popular (and therefore, the ones most likely to have sharing options on your blog host) are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Automating blog posts takes no additional time, save for perhaps ten minutes when you first set it up. It does, however, serve multiple purposes. These include:

  • More exposure for each blog post
  • Keeps your social accounts more active
  • Brings your social followers into your blog
  • Saves a large amount of time

4. Outsource

When all else fails, the best way to save time while maintaining (or increasing) efficiency and productivity, is to outsource some of your work. The thing most popularly outsourced is content, followed by social media marketing. Outsourcing is different from hiring on a full time employee. When you hire a full time employee, you are paying them per hour, regardless of how much work needs completing. Freelancers are only paid for the work they actually do, or the hours they spend actively working.

There are other benefits outsourcing work. You can get a lot more done, for starters. There is only one of you. Let’s say you can create two pieces of content in an hour. You have the ability to work four hours each day, so eight pieces of content can be created. But there are many other things you could be doing with that time. Now, let’s say you hire two freelance content writers to work just three hours each day, five days a week. You now have the ability to put out twelve pieces of content per day, in less time than it would take you to put out eight.


Although marketing your business can be extremely time consuming, these four tips can help to scale down the time it takes. Remember that every minute you’re able to shave off is another minute you have for other things. With time and practice, you can minimize the time it takes to marketing your business while still remaining just as (if not more) effective.