Ecommerce Cyber Monday Preparation

Cyber Monday is only a few days away and making sure your business is ready for it is essential to success. Shoppers will spend an estimated $1.25 billion this year on Cyber Monday and as a good business owner you want to get as much of that business as you can handle. So here are 4 essential last minute tips to make sure the day goes smoothly and you make a lot of money.

1. Final Social Push: You have probably been running ads, writing content and running as much PPC advertising possible this month. Now it is time to utilize your social media outlets and reach out to your followers one last time. Let them know what you are planning to offer and how they can get the deal. Reward your social followers with an additional discount if they share your deals via Facebook or Twitter. As they claim your offers give them the chance to brag about your business and the great deal that they got.

2. Check you Sever and Host: So this may not be as fun or exciting as doing a last minute social advertising push but it is equally as important. Your site should be experiencing a lot of traffic and you want to make sure your system is prepared to handle it. With a bullet proof setup you will be able to stick to the sales and not worry about the technical aspects of the day. DO NOT overlook the importance of being technically ready for this huge shopping holiday.

3. Customer Service: Ensure that your customer service team is ready and you have extra staff. You do not want to loose sales because you cannot get back to your customers fast enough. Prep your team for the day and reward them afterwards for a job well done.

4. Build anticipation: Anticipation is priceless and building it with your customers is a great way to have a big sale. You want them checking our site often to see when the deals go live! See how Dell is building anticipation about their Cyber Monday deals here.

These last minute preparations are going to set you business apart from your competition and ensure you have as successful of a holiday as possible. Do you have tips you want to share? Please let us know with a comment.