There are many benefits that are a result of Affiliate Marketing. However there are some things to avoid that can lead to negative results.

The affiliate marketing industry is very competitive and everyone is constantly looking for an edge. The affiliates that prosper are the ones with a well thought out strategic plan.

Here are 4 things to avoid:

Copying Content

It is important to have quality content on your site to attract traffic. However be sure that the content is unique and provides the viewer with some sort of value.

Copying content from somewhere else and pasting on your site is not only unethical, it is punishable. Search Engines don’t take kindly to these practices and severely punish offenders. Don’t put your site in a risky situation, create unique quality content and not only will viewers benefit but your SEO efforts will too.

Buying Links

Having a proper linking strategy is important to driving traffic to your website. These links should for no reason be bought, they should be organic.

Buying links to trick search engine algorithms has been around for years. Commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO, offenders jeopardize their search rankings. Google especially is very anti-link buying links and can easily blacklist your website.

Keyword Stuffing

SEO is a powerful method of increasing your search engine rankings which will eventually lead to more traffic to your site. Trying to trick the algorithm with stuffing keywords on your content is not smart.

You are much better off producing quality content for the visitor than overly stuffing your page full of keywords. This offense is very easy for an Algorithm to pick up and can quickly result in a penalty.

Too Many Niches

Choosing a niche is often one of the most difficult tasks for marketers. With plenty of research you should be able to narrow down your selection.

There are people who don’t narrow in on a niche and have multi-niche sites which are often unsuccessful. You want be as specific to a single niche as possible. Essentially your website should become an authority site for that given niche.