Like many marketers at a fast-paced, growing company, I work on a lean marketing team. Success comes from being resourceful and doing more with less, all while being able to ramp up the business. Here are my tools of the trade to be effective.

1. Focus on Tracking

No company wants to fund their marketing efforts if they don’t know the potential ROI. At a growing company, there’s a constant need to prove and deliver ROI. Having strong tracking in place enables you to understand and report on marketing progress and success. I’ve implemented a good lead scoring process, with both behavioral and demographic scoring, and am now able to track lead velocity, which will help demonstrate the success of leads marketing is delivering to the sales funnel.

2. Quality Data

Delivering leads to sales is useless if the leads have duplicate data, or inaccurate or outdated contact data. Ensure that your contact data is quality. This requires a certain level of understanding about data quality, along with helpful tools, in order to find duplicate contacts and identify incorrect contact data.

3. Have the Right Technology

Today, technology is there to support all of your marketing efforts. If you can put the pieces together, the technology will help you drive the most success. Choose the right technology components and get them in place – and integrated – to fully support your marketing goals.

4. Get Trained on Everything

While technology is important, it can be overwhelming if you’re the person responsible for implementing it. Find the right training programs and mentors to help you figure out how your marketing technologies work, as well as how they work with other technologies. The more the technologies can work together, the more aligned your marketing efforts will be.

It may take some time to get the right training, set up your tracking, clean your database and so on, but working hard to understand it all now will pay off big time at the end. Soon, you’ll have a complete understanding of your marketing efforts and you can not only meet your goals, but exceed them.

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