Sometimes it’s the little things that count. What do you think of these four simple tips?

  1. When you’re in an email conversation with someone, and you change the subject, take a moment to revise the subject line too. The recipient will appreciate not seeing “Tuesday staff meeting agenda” as the subject when you really meant to say: “URGENT: Client X has cancelled its contract!”
  2. Add a standard signature to your outbound emails, containing your full name, company name, phone number and email address. Don’t make people guess which “Bob” sent the message. And if they need to follow up quickly by phone, they won’t have to search for your number.
  3. When you leave a voicemail from someone, say your name and number at least twice. I usually say: “This is Donna Papacosta…” Then I leave the message. At the end, I say: “Again, this is Donna Papacosta, and you can reach me at 905.844.7645. That’s 905.844.7645.” Say it slowly. It’s very annoying to have to play a message three times to catch the number, right? Don’t assume everyone has caller ID.
  4. Check your writing. Whether it’s an email, article, blog post or whatever, take the time to edit. Look for typos, redundancies, excess verbiage and so on. Your first draft is meant for your eyes only. Your clients and colleagues deserve better.