Marketing your small business is crucial to your success, a concept most people agree with. Of course, that is sometimes easier said than done. Many entrepreneurs don’t come from a marketing background, and even if you have, your knowledge is unlikely to be current. Trying to manage your marketing on your own is very rarely an idea that leads to big gains in the future.

#1 You Have an Outdated View of Marketing

If you’re still relying on old fashioned outbound forms of marketing for your company, your views need to be updated. The fact is, marketing has evolved greatly over the last few years and information you previously learned in business or marketing classes is probably no longer relevant. How do you know if you’re being left behind? If you’re still pumping out press releases to newspapers, ignoring social media, and spending your entire budget on radio ads, you need help. In a recent study, 80% of business decision makers favor getting brand information via an article series more than ads. Clearly, Inbound marketing is bringing in much better ROIs, so it’s definitely worth looking into the switch.

#2 You Have a Low Marketing Budget

This may sound counter intuitive, so hear me out. The best alternative to you handling the marketing around your company is not always to bring in a dedicated person to do it. Hiring an internal marketing person gets expensive quickly. Even a modest salary and benefits can cost way more than what you would pay an agency, leaving nothing left over for paid campaigns and other additions. And that’s only one person, meaning you’d have to find someone who can handle the strategy, content writing, design, social media and website development- if you can. Your business could be out of $200,000 just from a few quality hires. When you factor in a typical three month ramp up period, you’re looking at a major investment without a proven track record.

#3 Your Sales Team Doesn’t Have Good Leads

Sales and marketing share a symbiotic relationship, with each one needing the other in order to survive and prosper. Consistently bringing new Leads into the pipeline is the basis for a solid sales team and a profit you’ll be happy with. If your sales team has bad or no leads at all to work with, then there’s not much point to having sales team. That kind of disappointment should be put squarely on your marketing. A qualified professional marketing agency can fill your sales pipeline with enough marketing qualified leads to make everyone happy, and your sales team can take over from there.


#4 You Aren’t Happy with Your Digital Performance

You don’t need to love marketing to recognize its value. Consider the number of emails, ads, social media posts, and telephone calls you yourself see every single day yet never click on. Do you want your company to be ignored in the same way? Of course not!

The most pressing reason to bring in a marketing agency is because you want results. According to Content Marketing Institute, 44% of businesses have a documented Inbound Marketing strategy. If you’re having a hard time getting your marketing right, or if you aren’t getting the right people for your sales team to reach out to, Mariposa can help. We can use your blog and other digital content to start drawing customers in, getting the attention you deserve and the Leads you need to have a profitable 2017.

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