There is no question that to grab and hold the attention of your colleagues or clients you need polished, professional marketing pieces. Online marketing has become such a worldwide phenomenon in itself that large organizations are pouring money into entire departments to focus solely on designs for online marketing campaigns while job postings for Graphic Designers are in never ending supply.

When time is in short supply (always), finding the right designer for your project can be incredibly daunting.

What if you could take all that energy and money spent trying to hire someone to design what you have envisioned in your own head, and instead imply produce high quality materials yourself?

It sounds crazy but it’s actually common sense. YOU are the expert on your brand and by exploring your ability to create your own graphic materials, you will inevitably, be ahead of the game.

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DIY Design is Easy with the Right Graphic Design Software

There are now so many accessible and user-friendly graphic design software available online.

Not only are the vast majority free to sign up, but they are incredibly easy to use so that anyone can create a professional yet eye catching piece. From infographics to reports to social media visuals; a palette of tools is offered to give you complete control and customizability from the get go.

You don’t like the position of that text? Drag and drop it with the click of your mouse.

Stock Images aren’t cutting it? Upload your own to give that personal touch.

Text looking too dense? Spice it up with any one of the hundreds of icons and illustrations made available!

If you really want to make images pop you can edit images for free using PicMonkey which even has a premium option for face touch ups and airbrushing. Here is a longer list of free graphic design tools you can start using right away.

Easy Branding Opportunities

Starting up a business can be tough enough. When putting together creative pieces it’s especially important to ensure all of your creations remain on-brand.

The benefit of utilizing an online graphic software means that you can easily add your own brand color schemes, fonts and logos for quick access. The added issue with design softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator is that if you need to make a small edit, you’re required to re-export the entire document and upload it a second time.

However, with an online tool, you can actually choose to embed your visuals and edit them live.

Talk about saving valuable time! If you’re also looking to repurpose existing content into visual form, infographics are a great way of reusing that information.

Always Accessible Online

Hiring a professional graphic designer can eat up your time and budget quickly. You no longer have to coordinate those mid-day creative briefs or late night check-ins with a freelancer.

Being your own graphic designer, particularly when using a cloud-based service, gives you access to your files and projects seamlessly from any computer. There is no memory gobbling and/or budget draining software required – just a login and a password!

By designing your materials online with your own account, you are in complete control of your project at all times. The best part is that many tools have also been designed to make collaboration a cinch.

For instance, Venngage has a business plan gives access to multiple team members at once so that your partners or colleagues may access designs at any time from virtually any computer! No fuss, no muss, no hard drives required.


Great Results, Quickly

Presenting your ideas, establishing engagement and delivering content with clarity has never taken less time! Whether preparing for an impromptu meeting or presenting your new Social Strategy – ready-made and accessible templates make the process painless and efficient.

Simply scroll through the suggested themes until you find the layout that best suits your needs and feel a creative boost no matter what the project. All the grunt work has been taken out of the process so when your project is complete you will have saved time and feel confident presenting visuals that reflect good taste and thoughtful design.

Go into your next creative endeavour considering that you are capable of designing something great. Take a creative leap to freedom!