As the remainder of 2011 winds down, we have been pulling together some popular reading on a variety of topics. Marketing assessments continue to be an area of interest, and in particular, database marketing assessments. Start with the basics and then take a look at data management, targeting and analytics, campaign management, messaging and even the technology behind them.

A Good Place to Start:  Database Marketing Assessment 101

Things to think about before you even head down the path of a full database marketing assessment, including the why and the what.

Database Marketing Assessment:  Target and Analytics

20 questions to get you thinking about targeting and analytics in your database marketing.

Database Marketing Assessment:  Campaign Management

20 questions you should be able to answer when building and managing marketing campaigns as part of your database marketing practice.

Database Marketing Assessment:  Data Management

Maybe not the sexiest part of marketing, but there are 18 questions you want to consider to assess the maturity of your data management process in your marketing programs.

Database Marketing Assessment:  Messaging

Not so specifically related to the data itself, but your underlying messaging strategy should be a part of the groundwork as well.  We’ve outlined 20 questions to consider.

Lots and lots of questions to consider when building out your database marketing framework and planing your 2012 marketing programs.