Smell that? It’s the sulfuric, smoke-filled scent of our nation’s birthday, full of fireworks, flags, and barbecued delights. As you prep your patriotic palate and don your primary colors, don’t forget the 4th of July is the perfect time for a well executed and downright fun marketing campaign. The holiday sees a 32 percent revenue increase from email marketing. So before you fire up the grill, focus on firing off some sales with these 4th of July marketing tips.

1. Run a Social Media Contest

Social media campaigns are engaging and makes for great, shareable content. Invite your followers to submit themed photos or caption their pictures with a custom hashtag you create for your business. Better yet, involve your brand and gain some advertising momentum by asking people to pose with your product or share a 4th of July story about your service. Then you pick the winner, share their photo, and award them their prize.

2. Add Some Punch to Your Push Notifications

Mobile messaging matters, especially leading up to holidays. Always be strategic with your push notifications and spend a bit more time on wording. You can capture more click-throughs with a quippy, well timed message that entertains users rather than just selling to them. So spread the word about app-exclusive deals, holiday discounts, and special events, but do it with style.

3. Give Out Freebies

People appreciate a business’s holiday spirit, especially when it comes in the form of free stuff. If you’re a retail shop or restaurant, hand out branded swag like t-shirts, water bottles, and sunglasses. Ideally, you’ll get people parading around in your logo or simply returning to shop after the holiday weekend.

4. Curate a Collection

E-commerce sites can grab the party planner’s attention with a curated collection of holiday must-haves. (Here’s a great example from Brit + Co.) This is an easy win for retail sites that sell holiday merchandise, but other industries can get in on the craze more creatively. Put together a 4th of July favorites list. It doesn’t need to be items or services you sell. For example, a real estate agency can highlight their favorite local spots to catch the fireworks, or a salon can do a roundup of waterproof ‘dos to get you through a long day on the lake. Though not clearly sales-driven, you’re planting the seed for pre-holiday social shares that can lead to post-holiday sales.

Go fourth—and have fun with it!

How are you firing up your mobile marketing this year? Share your ideas in the comments!

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