Savvy marketers are always looking ahead, which is why we’re already seeing lots of users gearing up for the next big marketing opportunity: Father’s Day.

In 2014, 76% of Americans celebrated Father’s Day and $12.5 billion was spent on gifts.* That spells potential for brands and businesses of all sizes.

Are you ready to build a marketing campaign that engages your audience and celebrates Dad? We have four ideas you can implement into your social media strategy today.

Build A Campaign That Celebrates All Types of Dads

Not every Dad wants a barbecue or fishing gear for Father’s Day. Jacamo, a menswear online shopping website, knows that every Dad is unique, so they created a Campaign that allows entrants to choose between five different potential prizes for the Dads in their lives. From Sports and Tech Dad to Dapper, Chef and DIY Dad, entrants are asked to pick what type of Dad they have, and enter for a chance to win a prize that best matches their personality. Each Dad type has their own hashtag so that entrants can easily share the promotion and brag about their Dad’s on social.

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Let Your Fans Choose Your Next Father’s Day Offer

Want to make sure you’re offering something that your fans want to buy? Ask them what they’d like to see you sell! SEACRET Direct is a unique skincare and spa product line that’s celebrating Dads with a Campaign that they launched several weeks before Father’s Day. Their Campaign asks fans to pick three products they’d like to see offered for a Father’s Day gift set. The top set will be added to their product line.


3. Ask Fans to Submit a Photo of Their Dad

The most common Campaign we’ll see on Father’s Day will be the always fun photo contest. Photo contests are easy for fans to enter and tend to garner high engagement. Mellow Mushroom Pizza is celebrating Dads by offering dinner for two to the fan that uploads a goofy picture of them and their Dad. Whichever photo gets the most votes, wins.   Adding a voting element to a photo contest can increase engagement, encourage sharing and make your promotion lasts longer.

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4. Ask Fans to Submit Stories About Their Dad

People love telling stories, especially funny stories! Grand Arcade Shopping Center is giving their fans a chance to win a fun driving experience for their Dad. All you have to do is tell them how bad your Dad’s driving is and you’re entered to win him an awesome prize. Grand Arcade is displaying the stories on their Campaign and asking fans to vote for their favorite one.


4 Things to Remember When Running Your Father’s Day Campaign

1. Grow Your Email List: Use an entry form to collect an email address from your entrants so you can continue to market to them beyond Father’s Day. We recommend having a follow-up offer that you can provide to your entrants that didn’t win. For example, if you’re giving away a $100 gift card, maybe all of the runner-ups can receive a $5 off coupon.

2. Don’t Leave Out Dads: While a majority of Dads will be receiving gifts from their loved ones on Father’s Day, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love a chance to win something themselves! When building your promotion encourage all fans to enter.

3. Make it Easy to Enter: We’re already seeing a flood of Father’s Day advertisements and promotions, so the easier your contest is to navigate and enter the more attractive it will be to your audience. Stand out through the noise with a good design and minimal entry barriers.

4. Do Your Research: A variety of studies have been done on the purchasing habits of consumers on Father’s Day. It’s best to do a little research on the types of items people are looking to buy and determine how you can fit into that market. For example, according to NRF’s 2014 Father’s Day Spending Survey most people (64.1%) will simply say thank you to dad with a greeting card, four in 10 (41.5%) will treat dad to new apparel items such as neckties and sweaters, spending a total of $1.8 billion, while another 42.6 percent will celebrate with special outings such as dinner or a tickets to a sporting event, spending a total of $2.5 billion.  The survey also found that those celebrating Father’s Day will spend $1.6 billion on electronic gifts like smartphones and tablets, and $1.8 billion on gift cards, letting dad pick his own special gift.  Before you build your Campaign look at statistics and work them into your marketing strategy.

Do you plan on running a marketing Campaign for Father’s Day? Tell us about it and share a link in the comments!