digital marketing predictions 2015The very first blog post I wrote this year covered 46 social media truths from 2013. Over the last 11 months, the social media landscape has undergone significant transformations. Digital marketing in 2015 will only continue to change.

Marketing is a fluid landscape. Marketers must constantly adapt to stay current.

Here are a few trends and behaviors I see on the horizon that every digital marketing expert must know in 2015.

#1 Transparency Is Everything

Forbes contributor Avi Dan writes, “Transparency will become the most important tool of marketing.” And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve written many posts about the critical role of transparency in today’s Social Age. Over the last year, we’ve seen countless brands who advocate transparency continue to soar in popularity, while non-transparent companies like Uber are taking a beating that may finally do them in this coming year.

#2 Greater Divide In Curation & Publication Quality

“Content is King,” right? As more brands get behind this mantra in 2015, I think we’ll start to see an even greater divide between quality content curators/producers and the “me-too” crowd.

In other words, brands who really “get” the power of content will start buying agency-level creativity, curation/publication tools, native advertising, and other products and services that really take their content to the next level. The we-can-do-that-too crowd is going to get left behind with out-of-touch, half-hearted, or cheap/DIY approaches.

#3 Social Media Tools Will Become More Affordable

This digital marketing prediction is largely based in classic supply and demand pricing laws. More brands will want and need social media in 2015 than ever before. As online communication tools improve and the competition becomes tighter between services, we’ll see features improve and prices drop. As prices lower, more brands will likely begin utilizing these tools. However, access to tools doesn’t necessarily correlate with aptitude and results.

I think increased usage of social media tools will be one of the driving factors in separating the experts from the novices (to reinforce my last digital marketing prediction).

#4 Mobile SEO Is About to Take Off

Danny Sullivan, writing for Search Engine Land, recently reported on Google’s announcement to focus in on mobile SEO. This article was picked up in a digital marketing 2015/prediction article on, which I would strongly recommend reading. At the risk of overstating the importance of mobile for next year, I’m including it here on my 2015 prediction list, too. Mobile-friendly sites built with responsive design are no longer “nice to have” or “forward-thinking…” they’re essential.

Google’s mobile SEO push might be the final piece in forcing marketers to think and act “mobile.”

What are your digital marketing predictions for 2015? What will marketers be forced into doing in order to stay current?

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