green-marketing2In a previous article, we discussed four “green” marketing ideas. “Green” refers to the act of something being good for the environment, or being Eco-friendly. The “green” movement has been around since  the 1960’s, but has only recently began to rise in popularity. The modern world has seen a steadily increasing number of  businesses trying to lessen their carbon footprint and give back to the Earth. In an effort to help you and your business go green in your marketing efforts, here are four more ideas you can utilize.

1. Use Recycled Paper

Although printing things isn’t exactly the best idea when trying to go green, if you do have to print something out, do it on recycled paper. The fact that it is recycled means that no (or fewer) trees had to be cut down in order to make that paper. Therefore, your marketing efforts and promotional items will be much more Eco-friendly than if you were to choose standard paper. Even the smallest efforts can make a very big difference in the long run.

2. Radio/Commercial Advertisements

Radio and commercial advertisements use no paper,  unless you print out your scripts. You can avoid that by making all of your scripts digital, and if you do, no waste is created in your advertisement. Radio and commercial marketing doesn’t have to expensive, either. Start with local or online stations, or even try crafting promotions on YouTube, which is virtually the same thing these days. As your company grows, you can begin targeting larger networks.

3. Plant A Tree

How can planting a tree be considered marketing? How does this fit into this article? It’s actually very simple. You can use planting trees as a way to garner hype about your company. Run a promotion where you plant trees for certain products sold, or goals reached, or something along those lines. People will want to purchase your products because they’ll feel as though they’re giving back to the environment. You’ll both be making more sales, and helping the environment in a very big way, so you can feel doubly good about your marketing efforts.

4. Reuse Printed Products As Often As Possible

In addition to printing things on recycled paper, you can also cut down on your company’s waste by reusing printed products as often as possible. There are many things which can be reused. Banners and signs,  if designed correctly, can be reused for many events and promotions. If you have things like postcards, flyers, etc. laying around, you may not be able to reuse them in your marketing efforts, but you can still make use of them. Use them as scratch pads, a place to write notes, etc.


These four ideas, when combined with the four discussed in our previous article, can give you plenty of ways to get your marketing efforts going in a more Eco-friendly and earth conscious direction. Once you have began your trek towards being “green” you should feel free to advertise your company as such. This can serve as very good press, and garner your company numerous new leads.