No matter the size of your business, you need to have a plan to grow. Since business growth needs to be enabled, here are 4 tools that I use personally or with clients to improve productivity and develop new business. These will help you as well.

Meeting Burner

Meeting Burner is a platform for online meetings. You can schedule them in advance or use their feature to meet right now. You can share your screen with up to 10 people for free. You can also get an upgraded account to share with larger groups. The free version lets you switch presenters, use in-meeting chat functions, meeting scheduling and reminders. I used Meeting Burner recently for a whole series of VIP demonstrations of my new job search strategy software. It was a great tool for introducing my new product to everyone. Sign up today for Meeting Burner.

Phone Burner

I’m not big on cold calling as a sales tool, but if you have a lot of calls to make you will need some help. Phone burner is a great product that helps you make calls more efficiently. It dials for you. If there is no answer it leaves a custom message (recorded in advance by you) and starts dialing again. If there is an answer, it alerts you so you can pick up right away and connect with your sales lead. Sign up today for Phone Burner.


I use MyEmma for both my newsletters. As I was researching all the different newsletter options out there, I found MyEmma to be the easiest to understand and to use. For me, it was the most intuitive. I’ve since used Constant Contact and Mail Chimp on behalf of clients so I’m now happy with them all. But if you need to build a database and stay in touch with your customers or clients, MyEmma is great. Learn more about MyEmma.


This is a great platform to manage your social media accounts. It acts like a dashboard for accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. You can track multiple accounts at the same time and safely automate your marketing efforts without being a spammer. You can also create teams and start collaborating with others. Sign up today for Hootsuite.

A few others I like? Look at ZenDesk for customer service and Evernote for organization.

What are you using as smart tool?