green marketingGreen marketing efforts encompass any form of marketing that is Eco-friendly. Companies can start by simply making better choices, such as using email instead of direct mail in order to help save trees and limit deforestation. The green effort is based strongly on recycling, so recycling waste and using recycled products is always a good place to start.

But why should you utilize green marketing efforts? Many people are lost as to why they should try to make their efforts green. To help answer this question, we’ve come up with five good reasons you should start aiming your efforts in this direction.

1. It Helps The Environment

Going green is all about helping the environment. Some people think it takes extreme efforts to make a big difference, but the truth is that every small effort has the possibility to make an enormous difference over time. Recycling helps reduce the amount of trash which ends up in landfills. Using recycled products and generally limiting the amount of trash you produce helps to reduce the amount of new materials needing to be produced. Making use of solar energy reduces the amount of coal needing to be burned, thus limiting toxic fumes and emissions released into the atmosphere. Planting even a single tree can help produce more oxygen and help balance trees cut down elsewhere. As you see, every action helps.

Green Marketing Tip: Make better use of your online newsletter and get rid of direct mail newsletters. This helps to reduce waste, and aids in eliminating deforestation.

2. It Creates Good Press

People like to hear your company is going green, no matter how you’re doing it. Don’t be afraid to tell the world you’re making an effort to use green marketing, because it can generate plenty of good press and solid leads for your company. You see, when people hear your company is making a difference in the environment, they want to patronize your store because they feel as though they, too, will be making a difference. These people are more likely to refer their like-minded friends than other customers, because they’ll be promoting a cause they identify with at the same time.

Green Marketing Tip: Ensure your entire company – all employees included – are utilizing recycling. All papers, plastics, and metals may be recycled. As a bonus, you can even get a small profit from taking certain items to the recycling yard, thus helping you increase your ROI.

3. It Makes You Feel Good

All green efforts – marketing included – have the simple benefit of making you feel good. You’ll know you’re making a difference. You’ll know what you’re doing is worthwhile, and productive. You won’t have to feel as though you are contributing to all the environmental issues you hear about on the news. This creates a very good feeling, which, in turn, creates a good mood. This good mood is actually a wonderful tool on it’s own. When you feel happy, you tend to be more productive than when you feel angry, anxious, or sad.

Green Marketing Tip: Reuse printed materials as often as possible. Many banners and signs can be reused as long as they’re in good condition. Things which aren’t relevant enough to be reused in your marketing endeavors, or are in a bad condition, can be used as scratch paper prior to recycling.

4. It Can Lower Costs

Making your marketing efforts greener can definitely help lower your company’s costs. With less waste being created, less supplies need to be ordered. This means less paper, less ink, less stamps, etc. With less money needed for supplies, your bottom line can raise considerably. Let’s look at an example. Say you switch from a monthly direct mail newsletter to an online one. For this example, we’re going to say you create the online newsletter and email it yourself, thus reducing your costs to exactly nothing. If you have only 100 subscribers, and your newsletter is typically only three pages long, you would spend around $8.00 on paper, and about $10.00 on ink each month. That’s a savings of $18 a month, or $216 per year.

Green Marketing Tip: Create your marketing campaigns digitally, instead of scratching your ideas out on paper. When you hold marketing meetings, tell your employees to take notes on their laptops or tablets instead of on paper.


Utilizing green marketing efforts has numerous benefits, both for your company and the world in general. With so many benefits, there is no real good reason to not place your efforts in this direction. You don’t have to immediately go all-out in this direction. You can start small by recycling, using recycled products, and reducing your paper waste. Once involved, you’ll be able to see the benefits of green marketing first hand.

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