Business cards are useful for sharing contact information; however, days of the rolodex are gone. Customers may not keep business cards around for long or consolidate them in a spot that makes it easy to access the information printed on them when needed. This doesn’t mean that they’re going away anytime soon. For several reasons, printed business cards are here to stay.

By getting creative with substrate and by including different information, you can keep business cards within your customers’ reach and your business in front of their eyes. Printing business cards on magnetic paper is one classic option.

Here are 4 fresh ways to use magnetic business cards:

magnetic business cardStrengthen customer loyalty and encourage repeat business

Include a coupon code on your magnetic business card that loyal customers can use throughout the year. Easy access to even a small discount on goods and services can motivate repeat and just-in-time purchases. This tactic is ideal for take-out/food delivery franchises, salons or hair care providers, carpet cleaning services and other service-based businesses.

magnetic business cardProvide a mobile “shortcut” to weekly deals or to your ordering platform

Include a QR code on your magnetic business card that links to a page on your website hosting weekly deals or special offers. If you have a mobile-friendly ordering platform or website, the QR code can link to it, acting as a convenient bridge between business and consumer. By doing so, businesses can help to reduce calls and streamline service during peek ordering times.

magnetic business cardStart building trust by offering helpful checklists and maintenance tips

With magnetic business cards, service-based businesses can start delivering great customer support and building trust even before an initial sale. For example, a plumber can include a checklist of things to do before calling for service should a pipe burst or water leak occur. An air conditioning and heating company can offer maintenance tips to ensure efficient performance of systems or adequate energy savings throughout the year.

magnetic business cardRemind customers of important dates and schedules

Magnetic business cards may be used as helpful reminders for holidays, important dates, and schedules for reoccurring services. Greenling, an Austin-based grocery delivery service, provides magnetic business cards to their consumers to remind them of ordering and delivery schedules. Other businesses that offer reoccurring services, like a trash/recycling company, can include a calendar of alternating trash and recycling days.

There are plenty of options that benefit both the consumer and business. Magnetic business cards are a great way to stay top-of-mind with audiences.

Ready to try these ideas out? Order your magnetic business cards now.