For email marketers, this is the time of year that you’re double-checking your holiday campaigns and making last-minute changes to ensure everything runs smoothly when it’s time to deploy. You probably have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday promotions covered. But what about National Free Shipping Day?

What’s National Free Shipping Day?

Yes, National Free Shipping Day is a thing. This year, it falls on Friday, December 16. It gives online retailers a chance to make one final push before the last day for ground shipping (December 18) and allows customers to receive their orders by Christmas.

If you weren’t planning a campaign around National Free Shipping Day, you might want to reconsider: emails that drive urgency result in 22% higher open rates. It’s an easy win for email marketers looking for a new way to reach out their customers during the busy holiday season, plus it’s a helpful reminder to customers that they have limited time to order online.

Here are four contextual email ideas you can use to take advantage of National Free Shipping Day.

Live order tracking

Customers who order online around the holidays are always anxious to know when their order will arrive. Why not quell their fears by adding live package tracking right into your emails? To use live order tracking to promote sales, tell your customers in your Free Shipping Day email that they’ll be able to track their orders right away via email. Live order tracking is the perfect complement to National Free Shipping Day promotions, making life easier for your customers.

Evergreen shipping banner

With an evergreen shipping banner, you can help remind your customers of important shipping dates…like National Free Shipping Day! In the week leading up to Free Shipping Day (starting on Monday, December 12), add a banner to your emails that promotes the holiday.

After Free Shipping Day is over, you can swap out the creative on the banner to let them know that ground shipping ends on December 18. Or, you can extend free shipping through the weekend. After December 18, consider swapping the creative on your banner with a message that prompts them to order an online gift card.

Daily deals

One great way to test email promotions is by using daily deals to promote specific products on specific days. In the week leading up to Free Shipping Day, you can product a new product every day. Then, on Free Shipping Day, you can either combine your existing promotion with Free Shipping Day or simply promote Free Shipping Day on its own. If you want to give your customers a heads up about the upcoming deals, send them a calendar of all your upcoming December promotions.

Cart abandonment emails

Emails that remind customers they have items remaining in their online shopping cart have a 30% higher conversion rate than other emails. Why? They’re timely, relevant and give your customer the little push they need to buy.

There’s a good chance that if you promote Free Shipping Day deals, your customers will fill their carts with items they’re interested in. But since 68% of online shoppers abandon their carts, you’ll want to make sure they complete those purchases. Add a abandoned cart email to your holiday campaigns to lift conversions for Free Shipping Day and beyond.

Take advantage of Free Shipping Day 2016 with email

Add these email ideas to your existing campaigns if you’re looking for new ways to lift engagement and revenue this holiday season. Need more last-minute holiday email inspiration? Check out our infographic: 5 Last-Minute Holiday Quick Wins.