Trade show exhibit management may seem simple, but there are subtleties that go on behind the scenes. Check out these dirty little secrets that bring the pros success for your next booth and setup.

Traffic Doesn’t Always Equal Success

The highest traffic areas usually go to trade show exhibit booths with seniority, but many established sellers will flee from these locations. High traffic also limits the amount of time you can spend with potential customers and makes communication difficult.

If your goal is one on one sales or your product is highly priced a less traveled area may have a higher conversion rate. Of course a well-staffed booth in a busy area another alternative.


Labor Politics Matter

Another issue is labor costs. Trade shows have been making headlines across the US due to cost and labor disputes. Be aware of possible price gouging and unresolved political issues before securing a booth to make sure these extra fees don’t cut into your bottom line.

Union Labor is often difficult to manage and can get out of hand quickly. If you lack patience or have other areas to focus on a trade show exhibit management company may be in your best interest.

The Exhibitor’s Manual is There for a Reason

Trade shows really aren’t one size fits all. Laws and statutes will vary by location. Rules will also change based on the facility and company in charge. Knowing what is available for booth setup along with what materials are provided can save you the 10-20% markup of buying these items on site.

Drayage Costs aren’t the Same as Exhibit Fees


The fastest way to go over your expense budget is to forget to calculate costs such as material handling. Drayage fees, for handling, moving and storing your goods, can add up quickly, and are not always on the same bill as your exhibit and booth purchase.

Reduce these costs by consolidating shipments and understanding handling rates. Include room in your budget to accommodate all the needed setup fees.

No matter what type of exhibit you set up, remember that there are hidden strategies to help make the most of your trade show exhibit experience. For more ideas, check online with the professionals in the field.