Digital Media CareerSo, you want to be a digital marketer? Well, so do a lot of other people.

It’s true that companies big and small are looking for ways to maximize their digital marketing strategies, but in order to convince the hiring managers there that you are the person they need to turn to for social media advice usually takes a little more than knowing your way around a Twitter feed.

In order to break into the realm of digital marketing, you’ll need to show them that you mean business, and that you can generate business for them. One of the best ways you can do this is by obtaining quality experience and by a degree—either a bachelor’s or master’s—that will lend itself to your fledgling career.

Information Systems

Getting an information systems degree is a good way to go for digital marketing because it will teach you lots of essential technical skills. Expect to get a good dose of everything: web design, computer security, databases, software engineering, among other things. Many information systems programs will allow you to specialize while at the same time introducing you to a wide variety of information.

Having a degree in information systems will tell future employers exactly how versatile your knowledge is, and since most IS programs require at least a few business courses, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your knowledge with everyone in the company.

Computer Science

If you’re more “high tech” than anything else, a computer science degree could be the best option to jump start your digital marketing career. This degree will train you to think very logically as you learn the ins and outs of programming algorithms and data structures.

Computer science is a good fit for digital marketing because having a deep understanding of how software and computer systems work is essential for knowing what can be done and how best to do it. Computer science will give you a strong foundation from which you can springboard into designing and building apps, engineering unique software systems to complement social media strategy, and engaging potential customers on their own terms.

Digital Media (duh)

Digital media is a fairly new degree for many schools, and because of that there can be a lot of variation between programs. Digital media students generally have the option of taking courses in a wide variety of disciplines—from graphic design to content creation to ethics. In this way the degree is a little like a cross between information systems and a traditional communications degree.

Depending on the school, a digital media degree can be very flexible, and is thus can be a good option for you whether you want to explore a wide variety of topics or concentrate on a specific area like web design. It’s a good idea to compare several schools that offer this degree and look at the differences between their course offerings and requirements.


Contrary to what you may think, a business degree is actually a great choice for budding digital marketers, especially if it is paired with a computer science or digital marketing minor. A business degree will teach you how to think like an entrepreneur and how to navigate the sometimes-confusing world of business lingo and concepts.

Business programs can be useful for helping you understand marketing strategy in general and for writing business proposals to increase the digital marketing budget at your future company. A business degree can also greatly aid you if you plan to go independent and start your own digital marketing company.

Now is the perfect time to get a start on a digital marketing career by furthering your education and getting an edge on your competitors. No matter what degree you pursue, make sure that you are active in a wide variety of social networks, blogs, and marketing communities, and before you know it you’ll create a strong name for yourself that employers will want to seek out and hire.

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