Collaborations with other businesses or business owners are one way to get your brand in front of a new audience. If you’re noticing that the growth of your sales or social media following is getting stagnant, joining forces with another business for collaboration can spark some interest. Here are a few collaboration options:

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are when people meet up at a particular time to have discussions under one specific Twitter hashtag. Usually, there’s a host or moderator who asks questions to the people who are following the chat. People joining the Twitter chat answer questions and engage with each other.

Taking part in a Twitter chat and sparking great conversation can draw attention to your business. Sometimes the host of the Twitter chat invites people to appear as a special guest. Joining a Twitter chat as a special guest can put you into the spotlight and position yourself as an expert on the Twitter chat topic.

JV Webinars

JV webinars or joint venture webinars are when you host a webinar with someone else. The goal is for both of you to combine your audiences for one event usually with a sales pitch at the end. If you’re new to webinars, hosting a joint one with a friend for the first time can help you ease into it. Plus you get access to another audience which can mean an increase in brand awareness.

Joint Instagram Lives

Instagram Live lets multiple people go live through one feed. You can hop on live with another person and discuss your products or services. The great thing about going live is that it’s simple to set up (if you’re an Instagram user) and you can get engagement from followers in real time. Open the live up for Q&A, explain how your products or services work, and have fun with it.

Podcast Interviews

The number of people who listen to podcasts continue to grow. Podcasts come in many forms and cover many topics. There are scripted and unscripted podcasts. There are podcasts on commentary and podcasts that focus on interviews.

Look for podcasts in your industry and pitch to appear as a guest. Pitching podcasts is something that you can get an assistant to do for you if you don’t have the time. Podcasters are always looking for content. If you set yourself up with a good story to share, you may find that podcasters start coming to ask for the interview.

Final Word

There’s value in collaboration. Instead of seeing other people as competitors, join forces to bring attention to what you have to offer. Start interacting in Twitter chats and get to know the host.

After you show up enough times in a Twitter chat, other people will start to take notice and pay attention to what you have to say. Join forces with peers to host a webinar or Instagram Live. Pitch to be on podcasts so you can share your story. Collaboration is a way to meet new potential business partners and gain a larger audience.