Having a web presence is absolutely necessary these days. From developing a stylish website to promoting it via social media networks, the Internet plays a huge role in small businesses. With so many websites out there though, how do you make yours stand out?  One very effective way of making your web video memorable is by creating, and implementing, a web video! Web videos are fantastic tools to engage and inform viewers all while helping your small business website in three very important ways:

1. An Extra Boost With SEO

Video SEO, or video search engine optimization, is a market that is relatively new and one that many companies have yet to take advantage of. According to INC, a video is 53 times more likely to have a first page result than any other media which is creating a undeniable page rank goldmine that is seriously untapped. By adding a video to your website and properly applying fairly simple video SEO techniques to it, like a video sitemap, utilizing keywords, and posting transcripts, you will have the opportunity to have a high ranking search result via video which will act like a portal back to your website

2. More Personality

Web videos are a great way to add a dash of personality into your website, especially if you are the star of it. Video helps create a personal connection with the viewer even when you aren’t present. They are a constant greeter to new, and returning, visitors to your site; always selling and always pleasant. Websites can be very impersonal but by implementing a web video onto your site, you will create a friendly and more welcome environment. One of the largest pluses with web videos is that it will make your company’s page stand out

3. Longer, More Meaningful, Visits

Including web video onto your site can equal longer, more meaningful, visits by your website’s traffic. Studies have proven that, when an video is present, visitors will stay around 9% longer when there is no video present. Web videos also make visits more meaningful and this even rings true with B2B businesses.

Videos also help you make visits to your website more meaningful. It’s shown in a study by Internet Researcher that 85% of people who view product videos are more likely to purchase. Videos help raise consumer confidence, product conversion, and help drive sales and traffic; all of which are concrete ways that web videos can help our your site.

A well-produced web video with relevant content to your target audience can produce more traffic, more interest, and better search results– all of which are important factors in gaining exposure for your small business. So step into the future of internet marketing and take advantage of the available audience out there.