Typically, marketers use text message marketing to reach potential customers. However, text message marketing adds value to larger, ongoing marketing issues. Issues such as marketing attribution and tightening your sales funnel both benefit from the insight text message marketing imparts.

Tracking Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution, historically, has been difficult for marketers and advertisers to track. That’s because tracking down how a customer came upon your product or service isn’t easy. Did the customer see a banner ad? A print ad? Maybe the customer read a blog post that directed them to you?

All are possibilities. Pinning down exactly how a customer came across your product gives you an assurance that your marketing and advertising efforts work. It creates a crucial link directly from your ads to your customer.

In the past, advertisers tracked marketing attribution by following sales numbers during a new ad campaign. If sales went up during the period the ad ran, the ad worked. Or so the marketers thought. In the end, it’s a good correlation, but not causation.

So to understand causation, you need a way to see exactly what factors went into a customer buying your product. You need to track exactly where the customer came from. Text message marketing does both.

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing allows you to track where your customers come from. And by doing so, you learn how to tighten your sales funnel. Basically, you need to keep more potential customers hooked until the final sale.

3 Ways to Track Marketing Attribution

#1 Develop SMS Keyword Campaigns

In order to track marketing attribution effectively, use text message marketing keyword campaigns. An example is “Text FOOD to 50505.” By creating multiple SMS keyword campaigns, you see exactly where a customer saw an ad with a keyword campaign. Campaigns go anywhere you can think of. On social media, in a banner ad, on a billboard, in a magazine ad, the list goes on and on. SMS keyword campaigns work for both print and digital ads.

When a customer texts in, you know which ad they saw. You now KNOW which ad actually worked. Hone in on the campaigns that give you the greatest ROI and weed out the ones that don’t.

For example, you can create two similar campaigns and run them in different places. One on a Taxi: “Text TAXI to 50505”. One on social media: “Text INSTA to 50505”. This allows you to know exactly where your customers come from. Either they saw your ad on a taxi or they saw your ad on Instagram. Obviously, you’ll need to change the language to fit the audience you’re reaching.

#2 Connect POS System to Text Message Marketing List

Another way to track marketing attribution is by using the existing data on your POS system. Customers on your POS bought something from you. They came across your ad somewhere. And that information is valuable.

In order to get that information, take the following steps. First, transfer customer data from your POS system to a text message marketing list. Second, send the customers on your text message marketing list a broadcast. A broadcast is simply a mass text message. Basically a text message sent to many people at once that’s received individually that asks them to opt-in to your text messages.

Third, design a mass text message about where they first heard of your company, product, or service. Since the data is collected in retrospect, the information won’t be wholly accurate. However, it’s still valuable.

How to Connect a POS and Text Message Marketing Platform

Automatically adding your customers to a text message list from your POS system is a rather simple process as long as you have the right tools for the job. The first thing you want to look for is a mediator application. Basically an app that can transfer data from your POS system to your chosen text message marketing platform.

As long as the mediator app has an integration with your POS system and text message marketing platform you choose, transferring data is no biggie. Simply set up an account and follow the instructions to get going.

#3 Create Drip Campaigns

In order for your company to stay viable, you need to continue to sell your product or service. One of the easiest ways to continue to make money is by ensuring you’re at the forefront of customers’ minds. Don’t let customers that come through your campaigns go to waste. Keep their attention. Give them what they want: products and services that they need and will use. This is where drip campaigns come in handy.

Much like email campaigns, text message drip campaigns continually remind customers about your products and services. They are easy to run since they work on a predetermined schedule. For example, a customer responds to an SMS keyword campaign, but doesn’t proceed all the way to a sale. So, you put them on a drip campaign that reaches out 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, etc after the initial contact.

This allows you to tighten your sales funnel so customers don’t fall out. You are continually keeping them in the know. There’s no chance for them to forget about your product or service.

Text Message Marketing Platforms

Now, if you look at text message marketing you’ll realize that in order to handle tracking marketing attribution and tightening your sales funnel, you’re going to need a robust platform. A lot of options exist. Choose one that fits your needs.

Here’s a list to remember when choosing a text message marketing platform that’s right for you. Consider the following:

  • The amount of money it will cost. Will you get a good ROI?
  • The time it will take to learn. Remember this is another responsibility for someone at your company and it may take time away from other projects.
  • The tools are the ones you need and want. Every text message marketing platform is a little different. Make sure you understand the tools they are offering. Ask yourself: do they add value to reaching my goals? Or are they just fluff?

The Point of Tracking and Tightening

In the end, it is up to you to decide what text message marketing platform you’re going to use. However, no matter which you choose, the whole point is to be able to track marketing attribution effectively and tighten your sales funnel. Thus, saving you time and making you more money. This is your whole goal. Make sure it’s accomplished.