Sales cycles are getting longer and more complex. B2B prospects are also doing more research themselves. Most decision-makers consume at least half a dozen pieces of content before they are even ready to talk to sales.

By this time, they’re probably halfway to a buying decision.

So what can you do to make sure your business stays on your prospects’ radar until they choose a solution?

Here are 3 ways to build marketing momentum in 2013:

1. Assess your content. A content marketing audit can help identify content needs at each step in the buying cycle.

  • Identify gaps. For example, your organization may not have sufficient case studies and video testimonials for building credibility and overcoming prospects’ objections during the sales cycle.
  • Pinpoint emerging needs. You may need to support the rollout of a new solution with web content and sales collateral. Be sure to put a plan in place to address upcoming content asset needs like these.

2. Ramp up visibility. Is it easy for prospects to find your business when they are searching for a solution? Do they immediately think of your company or do they turn to your competitor? Consider implementing an ongoing thought leadership program to:

  • Build brand awareness and reinforce your position by securing high-profile speaking engagements and editorial placements in media outlets.
  • Keep your business top of mind by developing rich content such as white papers, eBooks and articles.

If you lack the internal resources to support a thought leadership program, look for an agency partner who can help you get visibility opportunities and develop quality content.

3. Tune up lead and customer nurturing programs. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Keep prospects engaged until they’re ready to buy by delivering a steady stream of relevant content.
  • Communicating with your customers shouldn’t end with the purchase decision. Don’t forget to keep looking for ways to improve retention and add value to their business by cross-selling and up-selling new solutions.

In the coming year, content will become an even more critical resource for engaging buyers and driving thought leadership. By implementing the above tactics, you’ll be better positioned to get the results you want.

What’s your plan to stay on buyers’ radar in 2013?

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