The Super Bowl is nigh! As exciting as it will be to see the Patriots secondary ruthlessly blitz Nick Foles (I’m biased), there is no blitz that can possibly excite marketers more than the incoming Media and Advertising Blitz.

No other event in America attracts more eyeballs to TV screens. Not only are millions glued to the game on TV, but they’re also scrolling through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for instant reactions, memes, insights, or behind-the-scenes tidbits.

This kind of audience is ripe for relevant content from savvy agencies and marketers. However, securing the ad space to get in front of Super Bowl spectators is incredibly expensive, especially for smaller brands. However, there’s a method to be seen that doesn’t have to hemorrhaging money: Instagram and YouTube Influencer Marketing.

With more millennials cutting the cord than ever, the best way to reach them this Super Bowl season is through the use of Influencers. Here are some creative ways marketers can leverage creators on YouTube and Instagram to promote their brands or clients!

1) Livestream a Pre-Game

Not enough brands are properly utilizing live-streaming in their marketing plans. Live video yields prolonged engagement. Identify which influencers your target audience is following and work closely with them to plan a pre-game event. Whether it be the announcement of a giveaway or a behind-the-scenes set up of an epic party, a pre-game live stream is a great way to get millennials hyped for the upcoming game.

2) Sponsor a Skit

We love the idea of giving influencers as much room as possible to indulge in their creativity, and creators love it too. Millennials love irony and humor. Take a hint from this classic video by LifeAccordingtoJimmy, which got 2.2M views and some good exposure for the brands that sponsored it.

3) DIY Videos

These videos are some of the most popular types of videos. Everyone is always looking to make their Super Bowl party or event the most memorable of the year. If you’re working with food brands, try to sponsor a recipe or snacks video (here’s a great example from Rosanna Pansino). If you’re more of a lifestyle brand, try to figure out how your product can fit in with party decor. If you’re a beauty or fashion brand, definitely work with a creator to sponsor a “get ready with me” or haul video.

Ultimately, the best barometer for success is whatever the influencer(s) you’re targeting have had success with. Take care to research which influencers target your niche work together to create engaging content your audience will love.