Is it time to restructure your marketing? If you said yes, then you’re one of the 80% of marketing executives around the world who say it’s time for a change in their marketing plan. In fact, 29% of these executives believe that the need for change is urgent.

Why now?

Times have changed. Buyers’ journeys are going in a new direction and if your business wants to succeed, you can’t ignore the dramatic shifts taking place.

Traditional marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. Now, it’s getting more expensive to invest in non-personal, broad brush tactics, such as print and television commercials. Modern marketers need a stronger, more cohesive plan across all platforms.

Here are the three most urgent changes marketing executives are making to meet the current consumer demands.

Marketing Owns the Customer Experience

Your sales team used to be the face of your brand to potential customers. These were the people who walked leads through the buying process, nudging each person gently until he made a purchase. Now, marketing is taking that role.

Marketing must step up to keep the customer’s experience simple and rewarding. This is in such a high demand that many companies are now teaching sales teams marketing tasks. With landing pages, online checkout pages, and email sales funnels, it’s the marketing department’s job to manage the customer’s experience with the brand and ensure it’s delightful from start to post-transaction.

Personalized Engagement is No Longer an Option – It’s Paramount

Marketing must feel personal too.

In today’s data-driven world, personalization is easier than ever before. You can send mass emails and personalize each one so it sounds like you’re talking face-to-face. You can use retargeting to make your advertisements more effective.

Today’s consumers don’t just appreciate the personalized experience — they demand it.

Marketing Spending Moves to Digital and Data Driven Technologies

Print isn’t dead. It’s just not as cost effective as it used to be. Now, modern marketers are making the shift away from traditional mediums to digital, data-driven technologies. Newspaper ads are getting replaced with Facebook ads. Television commercials are getting replaced with YouTube commercials. Why? Because digital marketing is more focused and more accurately tracked than their traditional counterparts. You can make fast changes and adapt to consumer demands without investing a fortune up front.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is becoming more of a revenue source and less of an expense. When done right, it’s seen as a big time profit builder instead of a necessary evil. Are you restructuring your marketing plan? What changes do you have in store?

Image: PhotoSpin