What do consumers want? The answer can vary so often! But with travel, there are several things that are becoming more and more important for consumers to see. Here are the three we find the most beneficial to travel brands–and ones that can be marketed easily to increase brand awareness.

1. Going green

It’s no secret that consumers want to go green. They’re buying more hybrids, re-using their shopping bags and recycling practically everything. If travel companies can publicize the ways in which they are trying to preserve the planet while moving it forward (literally), they are bound to win in the realm of public opinion.

2. Personalized experiences

Especially with travel, consumers can often feel like companies are cutting corners and are not concerned with their comfort or satisfaction. We have all heard the horror stories of airline travel and their subsequent mea culpas after the fact. The bottom line is that consumers like the personalized experience. It can be as simple as remembering their information on your travel site so they do not have to re-enter, or offering them packages and offers for being a loyal customer. Invest in putting the individual back in travel and you will have invested in your business’s success.

3. Mobile, mobile, mobile

Today’s constantly-connected consumer is on the go now more than ever. This means that mobile apps and searches have to get smarter, faster and much more efficient. The travel marketing industry has to create personalized experiences on mobile and make it as easy as possible. One-click reservations, mobile check-ins and alerts for offers and deals are just a few ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Do not create a long process between your customer coming to your mobile site and them booking a room/flight/hotel/car. Make it easier and they will return.