With all forms of marketing you’re going to have misnomers associated with them and obstacles that, as a marketer, you must overcome in order to gain new clients and grow your business.  Myths about video marketing are no different than any other form of offline or online marketing.  But, before we get into the myths surrounding video marketing we should lay a groundwork on why it’s important to incorporate into your marketing strategy.  Did you know that Cisco predicts that within 3 years 90% of web traffic will be video?  Currently video accounts for roughly 60% of web trafic; still a very impressive number.  Forrester Research has also found that a properly optimized video is 53 times more likely to produce a page one ranking on Google.

With this being said it’s easy to see why more companies are trending towards video.

There are several myths about how to market your company with video but I’ve broken it down into the top three. Let’s get into the top three and uncover the truth behind each.

Myth #1 – Where’s the Traffic?

Have you ever built a website, sat back and waited for the traffic to start “rolling in” and all you heard were crickets chirping?  Much like a website with one page, or one post, will not drive in the traffic; one video will most likely do the same.  It’s important to constantly feed the search engines with new fresh relevant videos.  When you begin your video marketing campaign consistency and content are king.  Much like a website, creating a video and marketing a video a two separate things.  Make sure that you are utilizing keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Tool and others to build an arsenal of relevant keywords to target with each video.  My recommendation is to create a new, fresh video for each keyword phrase you are targeting.  One video simply will not have the authority to cover multiple phrases.

Myth #2 – Hiring a Videographer

Hiring a professional videographer to create a professionally produced videos is appropriate when you want to showcase  the aesthetics of your business products and services.  Along with a videographer many even hire a professional spokesperson, props and production crew.  Production videos, while pleasing to your potential client, don’t necessarily translate into increased traffic or clientele.

Videographers are not video marketers.  Production quality videos are great in TV ads, in a lobby or in a reception type  audience.  However, in and of themselves they are not produced to create new business or to drive traffic to your website.  Did you know that roughly 80% of viewers never make it past the first 10 seconds of a video and out of the 20% left, only 44% will make it past 60 seconds.  Reality is very few watch a video past the first 10 seconds.  Optimized marketing videos are produced using a two fold “call to action” methodology.

  1. To get indexed across the major search engines and be found by your clientele.
  2. To create an immediate call to action within the video to get your customers to your website or to call your business.

The purpose of creating a video marketing campaign is to attract new clients, manage your online reputation, build an impressive real estate dominance in the search engines and increase revenue for your business.  One professionally produce video simply cannot accomplish that.

Professional and aesthetically pleasing videos with spokesmodels and fancy props are produced more to entertain your clients, while marketing videos are scripted and produced to bring in new clients and customers.  In other words, you don’t need to hire a videographer for your video marketing.

Myth #3 – It’s Costly

Hiring a videographer can run upwards of $2,000-$10,000 or more for just one video.  Optimized marketing videos are designed to target your audience and don’t require production crews, green screens, or lighting professionals.  It’s important that before you spend thousands of dollars on just one video you understand and identify exactly what your end result is; aesthetics or new clientele?  Video Marketing is not costly and if you hire a video marketing company you should expect a return of several marketing videos for relatively the same cost it would be to hire a videographer.  A good rule of thumb is 12 to 1; twelve marketing videos for the cost of 1 production crew video.

As a small business owner it’s important to understand the need to maintain a professional image and recognize the importance of new, fresh and relevant content for your business.  Video marketing has, in most measurable terms, leveled the playing field for small business owners in being able to affordably and effectively compete with their larger counter parts.  Use these guidelines and start today with your own optimized video campaign.