blog 3scripttipsThe process of writing a video script can be intimidating. However if you follow a few guidelines, the scripting process does not need to be complicated. Here are three tips for creating a compelling video script.

1. Think About Your Messaging and Tone

Once your script length and structure have been determined, it’s time to look at the message and tone you want to send viewers. To best understand the tone, jot down answers to the following questions before writing.

  • Who are you telling the story to?
  • Will the tone be personal and conversational, or informative using an expert?
  • What is the overall message you want to convey?
  • What kind of content are you providing? You content or Them content?
  • What makes your company different from competitors?

Once the questions are answered, shorten the word length to capture as much of the important details as possible. Then use these written points to help determine the structure you will develop in Tip #2.

2. Determine Your Script Structure

You will want to know from the beginning—before you start writing—the approximate length of your video and how you will break down each component. For example, if your video will be longer than five minutes, consider breaking the script into two or three key segments. Developing an outline, before you draft it, will allow you to develop a stronger, more meaningful message for your audience.

Remember: If the message you deliver is mostly about you, a shorter video tends to work better. If the message is more entertaining or highly valuable to your audience, you can often go longer. Consider 160 words a minute as a general guide. Determining the video length and number of segments helps tremendously before you write the script.

3. Know Your Call to Action

Every marketing piece you create should include a call to action. This includes any video you produce. Always state the call to action clearly at the end of your video. Call-to-action messages do not have to ask for thousands of dollars. A call to action includes lines such as, “Register today,” “Contact us,” or “Like our Facebook page.” Even if the goal of your video is not to sell, it’s important to include some type of call to action in order to measure your video’s success.

Writing a video script does not have to be a daunting process. First, answer a few basic questions about the content to determine the Message and Tone. Then, determine the length and develop an outline before you create your first draft. And finally clearly articulatethe action you would like your viewers to take once they have finished watching. Once those three steps are taken, you will have a script draft ready for review.