82 percent of mass-merchant purchase decisions are made by consumers standing in the store, the POPAI 2014 Mass Merchant Study reveals. This makes effective POP design more important than ever. If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a secret formula for creating effective POP displays, today’s your lucky day. Upgrade your game with these 3 design tips to create your perfect POP display. 

3 Tips to Design the Perfect POP Display for Your Client 

  1. Use color and shape to stand out – A colorful POP display can grab a customer’s attention from across the store and during in-aisle browsing, while a uniquely shaped display is practically a must-see. POP displays should be bold and vibrant, while also incorporating brand colors and messaging. Infuse your design with whimsy to wow clients. An amazing design can get people talking and drive sales.
  1. Offer just enough information – Today’s consumers like to gather information and make their own decisions. When it comes to POP displays, you can help them commit to buy with confidence by including relevant product information. Show them how to use the product or highlight how it compares with direct competitors. This helps the customer feel comfortable making their decision and can turn an impulse buy into an informed purchase. It’s a win-win.
  1. Make it interactive – Interactive displays let customers connect directly with the product on offer and reward information-seeking behaviors. Add a QR code or include a video screen or a touch screen so the shopper can creatively explore the promoted products or learn more before they buy. This can convince reluctant shoppers to buy—and to become product evangelists and influence sales even after the point of purchase.

We swear by these tips, and our clients think that our results are pretty swell, too. To learn more about creating POP displays, or to discuss anything else, please contact us. Thanks!