3 Things to ‘Be’ When Marketing in a ‘Distracted’ World Jenny Stilwell

Getting through to your target market with online and offline marketing messages is increasingly harder to do.

In my book, ‘Small Business CEO’, I take you through the key marketing strategies to focus on when your business is in Foundation Stage.

This includes getting your value proposition right, and your core messages, and creating a best-fit marketing program, that focuses only on the marketing activities that are right (ie: comfortable and doable) for you.

No matter what type of business you have, your marketing is going to be based on content. Content that is delivered via social media, a blog, a newsletter, podcasts, articles, workshops, talks and so on. There are three things to remember when developing the content that is going to deliver your core messages and capabilities to your target market.

These three things to remember will help us to eventually break through and have our message heard in an attention-deficient global market.

It’s really simple:

  1. Be Personal and Be Real

When I started my first marketing consultancy, I created a business persona. At the time, a business partner told me that he thought I had a sizeable company (rather than just myself and my very small part-time team) because of how I presented it. That was my goal – to be a business entity and not declare it was pretty much just me in the business.

Now, personal branding and platform building is ‘Be Personal’ on steroids, but the true essence of ‘Be personal’ is to ‘be real’.

People deal with people, and if they like you and your personality and how you behave, they will prefer doing business with you over others, particularly if you have a service business. This is a key differentiator because no-one else can be you.

  1. Be Helpful

For example, don’t just share what your clients need to do and why it’s so vital for their business, but give them help with how to do it.

Give advice freely, give referrals to others who may be able to help your prospects and clients, and give introductions to people who potentially could be new clients for your own clients.

The more you are truly helpful to your clients (delivering value both online and in person), the more they will want to stay with you and keep working with you.

  1. Be Consistent

This is the hardest of the three messages and I do fail at it frequently. However, I do know from experience that when I am most consistent with my marketing consistency I definitely have the best results.

As some of my loyal subscribers know, over many years I consistently did email marketing with a regular newsletter, and regular article marketing, and always ensured I used my keywords in these activities. I also published an online business and lifestyle magazine for a couple of years.

The results were regular new subscribers to my newsletter (as in people who signed up to receive it regularly, not just ‘liked’ it once or twice), increased traffic to my website from article marketing sites and blogs, and new clients as a result.

So, you need to put your marketing foundations in place and remember to always Be Real, Be Helpful and Be Consistent and you will eventually get your messages heard by the right people.