Over the past decade, subscription services have popped up all over the Internet. No matter what your favorite activity or hobby is, there’s a subscription service that can accommodate you. For a recurring monthly (or even weekly) fee, you’ll have a new package on your doorstep every month (or week).

Acquisition and retention in one fell swoop isn’t a simple task We’ve checked out thriving subscription services and we’ve identified 3 staples successful subscription services share.

1. Utilization of Online Influencers

Spotlight: Ipsy
Launched by YouTube sensation Michelle Phan, Ipsy’s subscription offers a ‘Glam Bag’ each month that includes various beauty and makeup samples. As of 2015, Ipsy had over a million subscribers and was valued at an estimated $800 million.

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One of the reasons that Ipsy is so successful is that they work hard to identify online influencers and make sure they talk about Ipsy. In fact, Ipsy has developed a workspace devoted specifically to their video blogging partners, giving them the tools they need to produce, edit, and distribute their video content.

2. Transformation of Customers into Brand Advocates

Spotlight: Blue Apron
Blue Apron provides customers fresh food and exciting recipes delivered right to the door every week. By targeting aspiring home chefs who love watching The Food Network or tuning into Gordon Ramsay’s reality shows, Blue Apron has quickly grown into a multi-billion dollar company.

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The heart of their success is customer engagement. Their recipe model encourages users to become their greatest advocates by cooking fresh meals at home and then posting them right to social media. Each meal is developed to be extremely accessible to even novice chefs, and they use their own Facebook page to encourage users to share their own creations. By doing so, Blue Apron solidifies their relationship with existing customers and turns them into brand advocates who go out and share them with their family and friends.

3. Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Spotlight: Stitchfix
Stitchfix has found a way to automate the process of having a personalized stylist, making it affordable for the masses. A subscription to Stitchfix is $20 per month, and you receive a box of clothes selected specifically for you. If you end up buying any of the pieces, the $20 is taken off the sale price, and you receive 25% off the entire order if you buy the whole box.

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The beauty in Stitchfix’s service is their dedication to customer satisfaction. If you don’t like a piece, simply tell them why and they’ll take your personal preferences into account next time. Their algorithms take these personal recommendations into account along with surveys, climate patterns, and even what’s popular on Pinterest. By really focusing on providing the ultimate experience for each and every customer, Stichfix has quickly grown into a $250 million company.

By taking the concepts discussed above to heart, you’ll be able to greatly improve the services you offer, whether they’re subscription-based or not. For information on how we can personally help you implement these strategies,