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Ever send an email you instantly regretted? Of course you have. We all have. The misspelled name. The forgotten attachment. The horror of the accidental “reply all.”

We can check, double check and triple check every email before sending, but occasionally human error gets in the way. As PR pros, I’m sure everyone has felt that immediate feeling of dread after hitting send, realizing you made a mistake. It might be a slight mistake any other recipient would shrug off or overlook, but when trying to get to land top-tier coverage, small mistakes can have big consequences.

Fortunately, Google knows that mistakes happen and it’s here to help. Here are three ways Gmail is throwing us a lifeline:

Attachment Reminder

Everyone has either sent or received an email that is almost immediately followed by a “Whoops forgot the attachment!” message. While we’re focused on the body and explanation of the email, it can be easy to forget to attach the actual document. What can be laughed off by colleagues might leave a poor impression on a client. Fortunately, Gmail will alert you if it thinks you may have forgotten an attachment:

No Attachment Warning

Hitting Cancel will let you resume editing your email and attach the missing file.

Subject/Body Reminder: What exactly are you emailing about anyway?

Multitasking is an important PR skill, but it can cause things to get a little hectic. You might be trying to shoot off a quick message to a client or a reporter, and in your haste you forget to add a subject line. Fortunately Google is always paying attention:

Subject/Body Text Warning

Now you have a second chance to elaborate on your attachment and ensure that your email is correctly titled.

The Glorious Undo Button

Sometimes we just want a second chance to re-send an email…and now you can have it. Perhaps you just realized you’ve spelt someone’s name wrong. Or you sent something to the wrong Mike in your address book. Whatever the case may be, instead of panicking, you can simply hit “undo.”

You have to be quick though: Google’s new “Undo Send” feature only allows you to set a cancellation period of up to 30 seconds after sending an email. Simply go into your account settings and you’ll find the new option roughly half-way down the page.

Enable Undo Send

After you’ve enabled the “Undo Send” feature, the option will appear at the top of the page immediately following your sent email:

Undo Message

Selecting the undo option retrieves the email and reopens it as a draft.

So far, this feature is only available on the web version of Gmail and not in the mobile version. But don’t worry; Google has announced they are working on developing it for the Gmail app.

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all been guilty of email mistakes. But these little reminders and tools from Gmail will at least help us stay on our toes.