If you’re an author or a speaker, marketing may not be a natural fit for your creative personality, but that doesn’t change one simple fact. Connecting with the masses is the key to building and maintaining an audience. Your creativity is why they want to hear what you have to say. Podcasting is an exciting and effective way to stand out and literally let your voice be heard.

Start first, as always with marketing, by knowing who it is that you want to reach. Then start researching the podcasts that your desired audience listens to.

3 Rules for Marketing Through Podcasts - Aleweb Social Marketing

Podcasting is a perfect way to market to the masses.

1. Aim High

Shoot to become a guest on the best podcasts you know. Pick the ones that you enjoy as well as those that enjoy success. If you settle for the shows that you’re sure you can get on, you’re settling for not just a smaller audience, but for reduced credibility. Just a single appearance on a large, credible podcast can boost sales and readership, and it is possible to get a great guest spot on a popular show.

Amy Harrop discusses marketing your book through podcasting, and one of her best conclusions is that it’s better to do one major spot than a whole bunch of less consequential shows.

2. Pitch Well

To land a coveted guest spot on a big-time podcast, you’ll be competing with lots of other authors or speakers and their pitches. Your pitch is exactly what it sounds like, a sales proposition. This is not the time to talk about what you’re trying to do, what you want to get out of the podcast or what you hope to achieve.

You’re selling yourself. You’re telling the hosts why it would benefit them to have you on. What have you accomplished? Who follows you? Use anything positive about yourself and your career to convince them that it’s in their best interest to have you on.

More importantly though, make it clear to them why their audience will appreciate hearing from you. What do you have to share that they need or want? What will make you attractive to their audience? After all, their biggest goals are to satisfy their existing listeners and to expand their listening audience. So, how will you help them to do that?

3. Showcase, Don’t Sell

If you’ve managed to pitch well, you may land a spot on a large, credible podcast such as Ed Young, Jr. Fellowship Church. It’s critical to know the difference between marketing and selling. When you are a guest on Young’s podcast, for example, plug your book or your speeches, but don’t oversell.

Additionally, always make sure your book is related to the podcast topic. You wouldn’t want to go on Young’s podcast and talk about your book focused on building your social media presence. Instead, talking about a book about growing relationships would be more suitable.

3 Rules for Marketing Through Podcasts - Aleweb Social Marketing

Podcasting was born to make book promotion easier.

Regardless of the podcast you’re aiming for, one truth is clear.

Technology is powerful.

A strong social media presence alone can improve your chances of getting a good podcast to help your book promotion.

Don’t sell yourself short. Aim high and convince the most successful podcasters that it’s in their best interest to interview you. Success breeds success, and yours may only be a podcast away.