The two words you hear a lot lately in marketing is ‘customer engagement.’

But what does this really mean? In simple terms, it’s any strategy you implement that will attract your targeted audience, and make them pay attention to what you’re offering.

And in today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace, users have increasingly gone mobile, which means that you must fight the customer engagement battle in a different way.

If you’re unsure about optimizing your content for mobile users, here are three reasons your company needs to jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon.

1. Takes You Where Your Customers Are

The average consumer is spending more than three hours per day on a mobile device, and you can bet a significant portion of that time is spent consuming content.

And content is the main driver of whether or not a consumer decides to buy a product or service.

So if your customers and prospects are increasingly using mobile devices to make important buying decisions, shouldn’t you be making it easy for them to choose your company?

The same principle applied when social media was in its infancy, and now few businesses can survive without an active social media presence.

2. Maximizes Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has been dinged up a bit over the past few years, because so many businesses misused this valuable tool, and sent out volumes of emails that users quickly dismissed as spam.

But here’s a little secret: mobile users love emails, if they are targeted, specific and offer something of value.

Just about everyone you know checks email on a mobile phone, but they want to consume information with as much ease and efficiency as possible.

Therefore, whether you opt for newsletters, special offers or short, actionable video content, your mobile email marketing should take up a significant portion of your marketing strategy, because prospects and customers are consuming emails on the go.

3. Helps You Take Advantage of the Mobile Payment Revolution

As consumers have gone mobile, they have also sought out payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Venmo that eliminate the need for them to carry cash or credit cards.

Mobile payments provide consumers with ease-of-use, convenience, speed, and a certain intangible known as the ‘cool factor.’

So chances are high that businesses that are optimized to accept mobile payments will draw more customers and prospects than businesses that don’t offer this convenience.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the revolution and ensure that your business accepts mobile payment options.

And the net gain is that you help enhance the customer experience, which is predicated on your business offering the most convenient and pleasant shopping experience possible for every transaction.

Mobile Marketing Is the Now and the Future

Unlike some marketing trends that you know will lose steam within a few years, mobile marketing will endure because mobile use is predicted to continue growing well into the next decade.

Consumers are embracing the freedom of remaining connected to sports, entertainment, online business and social media while they are on the move, and unless you want to lose out on these prime marketing opportunities, your business better meet them wherever they go.