ball targetsIn a previous article, we took a look at three reasons your marketing efforts may be falling flat. These included: not taking your target audience into consideration, allowing your accounts to become inactive, and failing to engage with your audience. Today we’re going to take a look at three more reasons your marketing efforts may not be succeeding the way you expected them to.


1. You Lack Personality

 Professionalism does not automatically dictate you sound and act like a robot. You should be putting some personality into everything you do, because it helps to set your company apart from the competition. It makes you unique, because your personality can only be yours – no one else will be able to mimic it exactly. Adding personality also makes your company seem more personable and approachable, which helps customers to feel much more welcome.


2. You’re Spamming Your Audience

 Staying active is one thing, but spamming your audience is something entirely different. There is no reason to post the same thing repeatedly. The only purpose that will serve is to annoy your followers into unfollowing you. Sharing a thousand items in the span of a minute is also considered spamming,  and should be avoided at all costs. If you want to post multiple times a day, that’s fine. If done properly, its even encouraged. Just ensure you’re posting something different each time, however, and that you allow an appropriate bit of time to pass between each post. If you remember those two simple things, you can be sure you’re not spamming your audience.


3. You Lack Diversity

If your marketing efforts lack diversity, they are definitely going to fall flat. Ensuring your efforts are diverse entails using multiple networks and techniques. Just because one thing works the best, doesn’t mean you can utilize it exclusively. Your audience is diverse, and while the majority of them may respond to a specific type of advertising, it doesn’t mean all of them will. By making use of at least five different outlets and a strong mixture of techniques, you will undoubtedly see the best results.

These are just three common reasons your marketing efforts may be falling flat. If you found that they apply to you, don’t worry that all is lost. These issues can easily be corrected so that your marketing efforts succeed in the way you originally thought they would. It just takes a little time and effort to see really big results.