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As marketing agencies work with their clients on improving the brand, it’s an opportune time to utilize the work of a freelance copywriter.

Website redesigns and the creation of marketing collateral are a perfect time to consider your clients’ message. You can drive massive amounts of traffic to a website, but without a compelling message, it’s possible that little action will be taken. Simply put, quality writing can drive leads.

While some agencies employ copywriters, others reach out to a freelance copywriter on a regular basis. If you are in the process of handling various marketing projects, working with freelancers for your needs may be the better approach.

How Working with a Freelance Copywriter Will Benefit Your Clients

Freelance Copywriters Have Seen It All – It’s understandable that you want to find a copywriter you can trust – especially when you’ve worked hard to earn that trust with your client. There are measures you can take to make sure you find the right professional. If you’re talking with a copywriter about helping you out, you can ask them a few questions to establish whether they’re the right fit:

  • How long have you been a freelance copywriter?
  • What kind of professional background do you have?
  • Do you have any experience writing in XXXX industry?

A word of caution on the last question, however. Everybody wants somebody who’s written the exact website they’re looking for in the specific industry. A generalist who may not have written in that particular industry can also provide advantages. For example, a copywriter who has not worked in a specific industry may be a breath of fresh air, and better at translating your message into something that will resonate with the audience.

A former journalist will be no stranger to calling someone up and asking the right questions. They’ll be able to learn all they can about your business and industry, and turn it around and write about it.

A freelance copywriter will also be well-versed at the needed skill set. They are experts at breaking down corporate, business language into something that resonates with the end customer. By doing due diligence you can find the right freelance copywriter for the job.

They are Better Suited to Your Clients’ Needs – Whether it’s website content, blogging, landing pages, or a brochure, experienced freelance copywriters have seen it. Their range of experience can prove to be a tremendous asset for your client work.

Good freelance copywriters also understand the importance of SEO and using content to drive traffic to the website.

They Are a More Efficient Use of Your Budget – If you are weighing whether to go with freelance copywriters, or add one to your staff, the freelance option may be more budget friendly. You won’t need to find a freelancer busy work when the main work flow dies down. You can hire freelance copywriters to handle one task, or to handle a recurring project. But you don’t need to worry about a ballooning payroll. They simply fade out of the picture when the assigned work is completed.