You’re onto the trend of influencer marketing; brand marketing from the inside-out. The key factor in any influencer marketing campaign is, as one might expect, the influencer themselves. You are not certain, however, why anyone would bother becoming an Influencer Marketer.

How does one become an influencer, and better yet what’s in it for them?

Top 3 Reasons to Become an Influencer:

1. Benefit from building a niche personal or company brand.

The driving force behind influencer marketing campaigns is the reputation and popularity of the influencer themselves. An influencer may be anyone from a journalist, to a celebrity, a personal brand, someone in a position of authority, and so on. People trust your opinion, want to hear what you have to say, and will trust brands you endorse.

If you’re not yet famous in social media circles, no sweat! If you’ve always wanted to start a social media fan base but thought it would be wasted energy, think again. If you build it, they will come is more true than ever. Just keep in mind you will want to develop a nice, solid klout score to have a sense for just how much of an impact you make as an influencer.

In other words, live your passion, build your dream, influence tens of thousands of people, and get paid to do what you do best!

2. Cultivate trust amongst followers and companies alike.

Whether we like it or not, we all have a reputation. Social media can act as leveler to build a reputation in an area you may lack leverage, or experience. People may not yet know you for your wisdom in the Business Psychology field, for example, but if you build a social media network with a consistent brand voice and informative, useful, inspirational posts, and you network like a boss, fans are bound to follow.

Becoming an influencer is a responsibility. Followers listen to what you say, they trust your opinion, and they will move the direction you go. This is great news, because you can influence thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. With a solid enough following, you will have your pick of the brands you endorse.

3. Dollar, dollar bills, y’all! Get paid to do what you love.

Didn’t realize those 10,000 followers on Twitter could land you a lucrative marketing partnership? Think again. Any arena where you are a thought leader, blogger, an “influencer”, you are in a position to be hired to represent brands and share their messages to your followers. Why? The most trustworthy source of recommendations come friend friends, or word of mouth. Your 10,000 “friends” on Twitter care what you have to say, they want to know who you are listening to, what you are wearing, and what you are drinking. Influencer marketing partnerships are the next best way to monetize your social media efforts.

Quite often bloggers and social media mavens have built large followings because they are sharing their passion. Social media can begin as a passion project and soon enough grow to the point that you are leading a community of people, and you have quit your 9 to 5 in order to pursue the life of your dreams.