Over the past year we saw many new trends in the marketing world, especially with how marketers reached consumers. A few of the most popular trends that we noticed were reactive marketing on social media, content marketing, and simplification. Based on what we saw in 2015, we believe that these trends will continue to be a huge part of marketing in 2016, but we’re already starting to see some new trends on the horizon. Here’s 3 of the popular marketing trends you should be keeping up with in 2016.

1. IoT (Internet of things) – One of the hottest new technology trends is IoT and is the ability to use technology to control things that are generally operated manually. Many of us have multiple items within our home that already have these capabilities. I personally have a Fitbit on, which is solely used to collect data on daily activity. Fitbit sells other accessories like their Aria Smart Scale that automatically uploads weight progress to your app and helps to adjust your current routine to see better results. Pretty crazy. While these new features will be popular among consumers, it will give marketers even more insight and data about our lives, what we do, and what we’re interested in. With the popularity of IoT, we will see more personalized marketing campaigns based on our behavioral insights. Offering personalized discounts is one way marketers can put their data to use in an effective way.

2. Mobile usage – In May 2015, Google announced that more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. Having the ability to “go mobile” has been a huge simplification in our lives. Think about how many times a day you reach for a mobile device to search something, get directions, respond to emails, or purchase new things. Since mobile usage is increasing at such a rapid pace, businesses will be updating their process in 2016 and we’re predicting that we will see the most changes in mobile payments, location-based marketing, and creating media rich content for devices and screens of all sizes. With the popularity of wearable technologies, marketers now have an even bigger platform to reach their customers through mobile. Mobile capabilities are no longer a luxury, in 2016 they are a necessity.

3. Visual content – When we think of the dominant social media platforms we think of Facebook and Twitter. While their popularity will not decrease anytime soon, 2016 will be the year of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and even SnapChat. All 4 of these platforms use simple visuals like pictures and videos, which is what users respond to best, and they bring the newest ways for brands to engage with their customers. We will see more of the “shop now” buttons on Instagram and “buyable pins” on Pinterest. These features put consumers in direct contact with the products they want. We will also see more visual content through “advertorials,” which is the use of celebrities or users to promote and endorse products on their page. This will be especially popular on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Thanks to the rapid growth of technology we will see many more marketing trends and capabilities throughout 2016. What marketing trends are you looking forward to?

Photo credit: Flickr User Intel Free Press