One of my long time pet peeves has been the cost of disposable razors. I don’t consider myself cheap but I could never understand why good razors cost so much.

Then I found! If you are unaware of what is about watch the video below.

Now you might be asking what does have to do with school marketing?

Let me explain by asking three questions for you to think about.

1. What do prospective families remember about your school video?

The first time I watched the above video I was actually laughing out loud and did the unthinkable for a marketing video – I watched it again! And then I watched it another time!

Once I cut through the humor I realized the video actually does many things well:

  • The video seems to be the appropriate length to get across it’s message across.
  • Mike does a great job of getting across the value of his product and why you should consider becoming a member.
  • Finally, Mike is able to differentiate his product and brand from his largest competitor which only helps to make it easier for people to WANT to become members.

Now I realize that buying razors and selecting a school for your child are vastly different buying cycles but does your school video even do one of the above things well? If no, why not?

2. Do you surprise your prospective families?

After watching the video I couldn’t become a member quickly enough! I’ve been using’s razors for a couple months now and besides their product being a great value I like that surprises me.

How do they surprise me?

When they send me razors each month they include different items in the shipping box including pictures of their softball team, a photo and description of a customer, and a membership card that I could write my name on as “proof” of membership.

Because of their surprises I feel like they don’t take me for granted and that makes me feel good.

Do you ever surprise your prospective families?

3. Does your school deliver on the promise of your mission?

When I received my first shipment from I couldn’t wait to give the razors a try to see if they were any good. You know what? They weren’t good, they were great!

I was very happy that the hype wasn’t actually hype and that offers a great value to me when I shave each morning.

A question that we, as school leaders, should ask more often is does your school do what you say they do. If you’re not asking this question I encourage you to do just that and take action if needed. delivers on their promise, period.

Apply to Marketing at Your School

If you haven’t become a member of I encourage you to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

After you watch the video again think about your school and try to answer the questions I suggest. My thought is that if your school can answer the above questions in the affirmative your marketing efforts will have a better chance of being successful.