“Don’t shy away from doing an epic six-figure launch even during these critical times. If you have spent a significant part of 2019 being excited for your launch next year, I can understand how jittery you’re feeling,” says Ajay Rai the CEO of Upcoach.in

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the face of business within a few months. Strategies that worked before don’t usually deliver the same results in 2020 and it’s overwhelming. When the pandemic struck the world, it took away millions of jobs. Understandably, this was a direct result of the massive hit businesses that suffered at the global level.

But now, after a few months, most businesses are trying their best to deal with the new reality as they bounce back into the professional world. During simpler times, launching a new product was a straightforward and stepwise procedure. But now, you must see how the world has changed and taken that into account while preparing a strategy for your epic six-figure launch.

It is very much possible if you are ready to incorporate new methods and do some trial and error. Let’s look at some handy tips regarding the same.

1. Relate Your Marketing to Current Events

With an increase in competition, businesses can’t go old-school when it comes to marketing. In most third-world countries, the poor are facing extreme hunger. Healthcare workers all over the world are experiencing burnout. So, if you are launching a product for the general audience, you can provide healthcare workers with a discount. That’s just an idea!

You should let your potential customers know where a portion of your profits goes. If you give back a certain percentage of what you receive to the less fortunate, it will indicate that you are playing a part and addressing the current problems. Plus, you will be making the world a better place!

It is important to keep in mind that what mattered a few months ago might not be as important to people right now. During the worldwide lockdown, people have realized the importance of basic survival skills and knowledge that can help them build a stable source of income.

2. Leverage Necessity, Empathy, and Helpfulness During the Crisis

If you have had multiple product ideas for a while now, launch the one that addresses necessities instead of luxuries for the time being. For example, with many people losing jobs, self-employment is gaining massive traction. But people who have always been job-oriented are not exactly sure as to how to go about the self-employed route.

An example is to launch a mindset course where the coach tells students how to get into the right mind for financial freedom and success in this critical time. During this phase, your ads shouldn’t be all about the brand, they should be about the people. For instance, try not to show deserted and abandoned streets with an animated company logo in the end!

3. Allocate Your Budget to Different Channels and Prolong the Spending Time

Uncertainty is the new normal and that’s why you shouldn’t use up all your budget in a single go. Previous estimates and calculations might not work this year or even after that. Also, test various channels and allocate your budget to different channels. Keep in mind that users trust some platforms over others.

So, if you are targeting multiple channels, it’s important to know those with the highest credibility among potential customers. For example, Facebook has billions of active users each day which make it the most prominent advertising platform at a global level.

Final Words

The common masses are a lot more particular about their expenses this year as they used to be before Covid-19. Getting them to spend their money is not going to be easy. But if you target the right concerns, offer immense value, and market your product wisely, there is no reason to refrain yourself from an epic six-figure launch even during the post-Covid-19 era.