Google Chrome browser is dominating the browser worldwide market, 50% of the market belongs to Google Chrome according to Net Market Share. Google’s Chrome success has created new and exciting options for developers to develop apps (extensions) that integrate with Google’s browser. There are millions of Chrome extensions on Google Chrome store that can do a bunch of cool stuff, but only some of them are really worth checking.

Writing Better Emails

We are spending a lot of time on reading and writing emails, according to the Huffington Post latest online survey, US workers are spending 6.3 hours a day checking emails. There are many email extensions that can help you write better emails and correct your mistakes in seconds. The problem with these kinds of extensions is that there are using automatic corrections system which gives only a partial solution to our writing / grammar problems. I came across a Chrome extension called, a powerful human proofreading and editing tool that can correct your grammar and punctuation mistakes and supports more than five different languages such as English, French, Spanish etc.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.23.29 AM

The service is using real professionals from all around the world, checking and correcting your spelling and grammar mistakes. After installing the extension, just send your email using and then you’ll get your revised email back to your inbox as quickly as possible (depending on the length of your email). This extension can help business people, students, people with writing disabilities and everyone who writes emails on a daily basis.

Reduce Browser Memory Usage

These days, saving CPU memory while browsing is not a simple task. There are many users who like to leave their tabs open while browsing the web. These users are not aware that open tabs are causing their computer work harder by consuming a large amount of CPU memory. One of the most popular chrome extension that tackles this issue called OneTab.This extension can “Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter”. OneTab main feature lets you convert your tabs into a group of websites with the option to name and arrange them for your needs. For example: If you’re working on Social Media, Sales and UX tasks at the same time, you can just rearrange your tabs and save them for later.


Find Email Address

If you’re working as a salesperson or as a business development manager, you know how hard it is to find the right person to connect to. Even if you find the guy you’re looking for, you still need to search for his current email address and sometimes it’s not so simple to find it. A relatively new extension called Email Hunter will help you find out exactly the email you’re looking for in just a tap. Email Hunter has a cool integration with LinkedIn where you can search for an email right from the contact name page (see picture). The extension also has direct access to all web’s email addresses meaning that you can search for a certain email within a company.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.33.04 PM

Using these amazing Chrome extensions will definitely change your online experience for good. These tools will help you save time, be more productive and work in the most efficient way possible. Do you have any Chrome extensions that changed your life?

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