In a recent article, 3 Essential Tips for Marketing to Millennials by Sujan Patel shows that millennials spend 1.3 trillion dollars annually. This contribution is good enough for any marketer to sit up and take notice. Unfortunately, marketing to millennials can be tricky due to their diversity.

Here are three marketing tips for millennials.

  1. Shake up your mobile marketing.

Eighty five percent of millennials in the US own smartphones, thus targeting this generation is very significant. Here are the basics to consider in order to excel in mobile marketing.

  • Are your landing pages optimized for mobile?
  • Are your landing pages too graphics-intensive, making load times longer with slower connections?
  • Is your call to action clear, even on a smaller screen?

After you’ve done that, it’s time to get innovative – find ways to integrate your advertising natively into popular mobile applications and programs.

  1. Target social groups.

Target millennials based on social groups instead of concentrating on life stages. For example, you can focus your attention on population segments that are drawn to social causes, those who are in alternative lifestyles or those who passionately follow specific social media personalities. Millennials are much more likely to have a strong attachment to these social identities than they are to strongly identify with a specific stage of life.

  1. Be relevant and engaging.

Millennials are motivated on resolving real life issues through online research — both in search and social media. Brands that can bring relevant, simple solutions to real world problems are the ones that earn their attention.

Also, you need to be engaging. Approximately 95 percent of millennials say that friends are the most reliable source of product information. The best way to get your message heard among millennials is to have millennials themselves spreading the word.