Be an Expert in Your Niche Market

Expert marketing strategy today is simply a way to market your company as the expert in your particular niche market.

One benefit of expert marketing is that people will come to your for advice because you are credible in the industry. Being an expert increases your industry value. As a marketer for your company, you need to understand that there is clear difference between a salesperson and an expert. Customers are afraid to be sold by the salesperson as most will feel that the salesperson will only think of how to gain profit from them as fast as possible. However, it will be different if you are seen as an expert in your own niche market. Potential customers, journalists will naturally come and ask you for advice. Furthermore, an expert does not pressurize any customer, he or she has more convincing power and people will feel good buying from an expert.


Let’s take an example of a certain vitamins brand call ‘Tatamins’. A doctor telling a patient that he need to some ‘Tatamins’ to build up his immune system. And then this multi-level marketing guy telling his friends to buy ‘tatamins’ from him. Whose story do you think is more convincing?

The doctor, right?

Great, right now, you may somehow realize a little on the importance of being an expert. Let’s look at the 3 easy ways to become an expert.

1. Don’t Lose Focus.

Let’s change the story a little. The doctor mentioned above has becoming pretty money-minded. Instead of focusing on medical related business, he or she opens an yoga studio without any prior experience in yoga.

A Jack of All Trades, Is a Master of None. You Need to Focus on Your Niche.

To be an expert in your industry, you will need to focus on your niche which you what you are good at. If the business owner is too into everything, it will be difficult for him or her to compete with others in a particular niche market.

2. Give More Advice & Market It

Hmm… To be an Expert, I Shall Share More Articles on “How to Grow Taller?”

You can be an expert in anything so long you constantly give advice on the particular topic or niche you are good at. To be a health expert, you don’t have to be a certified doctor either, all you need is to give accurate logical health tips; write more health related articles and people will see you as an expert in the health industry. If you are good at dog training, share your training tips online, send your press releases to pet magazines editors, eventually you will be seen as an expert dog trainer. Sharing your knowledge makes you more credible and there increases your brand reputation in your customers’ minds. And most importantly of all, you need to market your articles and your brand so that people will know you exist.

Just remember these words, “What is Perceived, is Real.” You need to constantly build up your image and branding on your consumers’ subconscious minds so that they will see you as an expert.

3. Growing From Your Niche

The Mini Cooper, under BMW, Targets a Different Younger and Trendy Audience Market.

When business becomes better, you will need to grow and expand your brand. In this way, you can increase your market share in the industry and your sales turnover. When people get to see more and more of your business branches locally or even globally, they will grow more and more confident of your branding. And you will be more and more seemed as a real expert in your niche market. Grow from your niche also means to venture into related businesses to target a new group of potential customers. For example, if you are in the MPV cars business, you can start to market luxury cars to a different group of potential buyers.

To stand out from the intense competition or to win customers and have a larger piece of pie in your industry, you must continue to innovate and grow from your niche.