1.       One Month Free

The “one month free” offer is a popular one for subscription services or anything where there are recurring payments over time. And it can come in a number of different forms, such as 12 months for the price of 11, pay nothing for 30 days, or a 30 day free trial. In any form, the idea is to get someone to sign up for a service without paying right away. With this offer, you are likely to get people to sign up who would not have had they owed money up front. The only risk is that they cancel once there is money owed, but you can protect against that with the contract that they sign.

2.       Buy One, Get One Free

You might think that the BOGO deal is equivalent to offering 50% off your prices. But you’d be wrong. Because the one thing that buy one, get one does that half off does not do is set a minimum purchase. Since you have to pay full price for the first item before getting the second item free, you avoid the person who would buy one item for half off, essentially doubling your revenue from that person. But it works because to the consumer, I’m still saving 50%.

3.       Free Shipping

Still the king of the special offers, free shipping has time and time again proven to be the most effective deal you can offer. The word “free” is a big part of that psychological draw of a free shipping offer. Shipping costs often make or break a sale. So publicizing the fact that your company offers free shipping can bring in more shoppers than you’d otherwise have. And marketers like it because you can even add the cost of shipping back into the cost of the products you’re shipping, and still benefit from a free shipping offer.