With the continuous growth of technology and the changes that are occurring in the world of marketing, businesses have started to review their advertising methods. Most marketers are already aware on what to try out and what not to continue. This is why most traditional styles have been taken out of the picture.

However, there are still some conventional marketing ways that you should not take for granted. Even with the growth of inbound marketing, you can still rely on these as long as you know how to properly execute your strategy.

To give you a better idea on what classic forms can still ace your business goals; here are the top 3 samples.

Direct Mail Marketing

You may have heard several statements saying that direct mail marketing is already dead. Well, the truth is it is still here and is progressively showing how effective it is to promote your business right at the doorstep of your customers.

Based on the Direct Mail Statistics 2012 infographic, it has been seen that 21.9 million UK adults have taken action after receiving a direct mail in the year 2011. That’s 48% of their population which goes to show that sending out catalogs, brochures, postcards, or any print ad in your client’s mailbox gives you a better chance of gaining sales.

Also, another infographic was released by Market Reach showing how direct mailing is more powerful in a household with children. It showed that 47% of families with children have responded to the mail they’ve received. This is yet another proof why you shouldn’t neglect the power and basics of direct mail marketing.

If there is one thing that would still chase the standing of online and TV advertising, it would be print marketing. Although statements and figures may have been released to show that its use is decreasing for the past years, you still cannot put this strategy aside. After all, according to Print Media Centr’s data, the print industry is made up of $640 Billion with a projected increase of 50% on orders online by 2017. Now, these huge numbers can definitely show you that printing is still here and is ideal for your business promotion.

After all, you will still have to invest on business cards, posters, flyers, and other advertising materials that can only be done through print marketing.

TV and Radio Marketing

It cannot be denied that television and radio advertising are here to stay, well for long. People are still inclined to watching shows and listening to music making these avenues ideal in reaching them. These are classic examples of reaching a larger audience with just a quick span of time. The only challenge here is you need to know how to make a mark on the people for them to recall your advertisement and take action.

Still, TV and radio will be around as long as we need these appliances. So it’s a sign that it might just be a wise move to make an investment on the marketing avenue being offered.

Even when there are already various ways that can be done for your business to be noticed, always take a step back and check if there are still traditional strategies that are worth the try. After all, a mixture of the inbound and outbound marketing methods might be good enough to reach your business goals.