Many small businesses fall into the trap of trying to do everything themselves because they believe it’s one of the most effective ways to save money. But the reality is that spreading work out among your personnel – especially work that’s not a part of your employees’ regular duties – can end up costing your company in more ways than one. Not only does assigning occasional or complex tasks to busy and underqualified staff demand a significant investment of extra time, the quality of work is apt to fall short of expectations.

Making the decision to outsource dedicated and infrequent jobs like direct mail campaigns can save your business many dollars and hours, as well as considerable frustration because:

  • you’ll be less likely to suffer from employee burnout and turnover
  • you’ll avoid the costs of having to hire additional, specialized staff
  • you won’t waste valuable time with inferior project results and do-overs
  • your business will benefit from having more time to invest in what it does best

When you outsource, your company gets access to the quality of service it needs, but pays for that service only when it’s used. Your marketing budget is too important to risk on less than a stellar outcome. Taking every possible step to ensure the greatest return on investment starts by taking advantage of professional postcard services.

The more distracting tasks you can clear from your own desk – and from the desks of your employees – the more opportunity you’ll have to focus on the daily needs of your business. But saving time and money with direct mail services is just the beginning. There are other ways your business can benefit when you enlist the aid of a reputable outside professional, including retaining the flexibility to grow or cut back as the market demands.

Scaling your business effectively, by avoiding expansion that’s too fast or too slow, can be tricky at the best of times. But employing professional postcard services for your direct mail efforts means you’re not locked into fixed marketing costs. Your company can reduce its expenses – or invest more money in its advertising campaign – as the need arises. In the end, outsourcing allows you to make better decisions for greater success in every area of your small business.

Here are three of the biggest benefits of utilizing professional postcard services that often go overlooked by the average organization:

1. It’s Their Area of Expertise

Your company is in business because it’s good at what it does – whether it sells an outstanding range of desirable products, or provides high quality services to an appreciative clientele. Focusing on your company’s area of expertise is what helps contribute to its long-term success. But when you work with a qualified direct mail consultant, you gain full access to that same level of professional know-how without having to hire committed staff of your own.

Seasoned direct mail professionals bring their:

  • industry knowledge,
  • specialized training,
  • and years of experience to every mail campaign they conduct

And relying on proven experts to advise, assist, and oversee your direct mail project will go a long way toward removing the stress from a venture that often falls outside the typical company’s professional skill set.

2. Advantages of a Dedicated Team

Wearing too many hats can bring even the best-run business to its knees. You’ve carefully selected your hard-working personnel for a reason – why dilute their professional efforts by burdening them with irrelevant tasks?

When you offload your one-off projects to an outside company, your business benefits from the concentrated efforts of a dedicated team that works as hard as yours does. Because the company you outsource to does what it does for a living, it means:

  • greater attention to detail is achieved by a host of talented people
  • team members work faster without the need to constantly juggle unrelated responsibilities
  • there’s far less chance that a costly mistake will be made, or that an oversight will go unnoticed
  • one-stop shopping is usually available for everything from mailing lists to customized printing services

The business that relies on multi-tasking to try and accomplish more in a day runs the risk of not only getting more of what it does wrong, but of getting less done in the end. So-called multi-tasking is actually a form of repetitive task-switching. It’s inefficient at best, and it can lower productivity by as much as 40% in the workplace. Rather than trying to force your brain – and your staff – to be in more than one place at a time, consider delegating your direct mail campaign to a professional postcard service with a reputation that reflects your own company’s integrity and commitment to results.

3. Access to the Most Up-to-Date Tools and Applications

Does your business invest in the most modern equipment, procedures, technology, and employee training available to ensure its customers receive the best service possible? So do the specialists in charge of your direct mail campaign! The main difference is that the tools and applications offered by a reputable postcard mailing service are generally geared toward one important outcome – ensuring that your marketing strategy is the best it can be in terms of:

  • Affordability – bulk postage and the provision of postcard storage services help to keep costs down
  • Convenience – full-service marketing packages typically address every element of direct mail, including design assistance, mailing lists, printing, addressing, postage, and post office delivery
  • Speed – fast turnaround times are standard when you invest in a reliable team that’s quick to respond when you need them
  • Accuracy – qualified direct mail professionals make sure their mailing lists and categories are as accurate and up-to-date as possible
  • Effectiveness – employing only the most informed graphic design teams and technology makes it easy to create attention-grabbing postcards that incorporate all the right design elements

When you tap into the services offered by a professional postcard company, your business automatically benefits from the very best in contemporary direct mail systems and methodologies – without the cost or hassle of having to invest in them yourself.

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