Show Me the Data

inbound marketing ROI97% of content creators are addicted to fresh and reliable data sets. Okay, we admit it: we have no evidence to back up that claim. But it’s certainly true for our content team. Statistics come in pretty handy for business bloggers, from writing content that’s authoritative enough to earn social media shares or inbound links, to simply keeping up on what’s going on in the realm of inbound marketing strategy.

It’s no secret to us that marketers don’t always have the best reputation. In fact, the latest study indicates that many thought leaders are even questioning the value of marketers as a whole: The Fournaise Marketing Group found that 73% of CEOs feel marketers lack credibility, because they can’t prove they contribute to business growth. No one likes a marketer who’s averse to numbers, because even if they’re growing the bottom line, there’s no way to prove it. Take inspiration from this fresh, recent data on Inbound Marketing ROI:

Inbound Marketing

1. Inbound is 3-5 times better than progressive event-based marketing efforts. (via Gartner)

2. Enterprises using a customer relationship management strategy see a 25% higher financial metrics. (via Gartner)

3. A PR strategy than includes SEO has a 275% higher ROI. (via Procter & Gamble)

4. Skillfully executed inbound marketing is 10 times more effective at conversion than traditional outbound methods. (via Gartner)

5. Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads. (via HubSpot)

6. The average cost-per-lead for inbound-dominated businesses is $135. (via HubSpot)

7. Companies with 1000+ Twitter followers get 6 times more website traffic. (via HubSpot)


8. E-mail has the highest ROI of marketing channels, producing $57 for every dollar spent. (via Oglivy One Worlwide)

9. 77% of consumers prefer permission-based promotions through email. (via Exact Target)

10. Email marketing is estimated to have accounted for $67.8 billion in sales in 2012. (via DMA)

HubSpot Marketing Automation Software

11. HubSpot users experienced an average of a 13% increase in visitors each month. (via HubSpot)

12. After three months, HubSpot users generate an average 32% more leads each month. (via HubSpot)

13. After twelve months, HubSpot users generated 26.4 times more leads. (via HubSpot)

14. 25% of HubSpot users report their traffic has more than doubled. (via HubSpot)

15. 18% of HubSpot customers said sales increased by at least 25%. (via HubSpot)

The State of ROI

16. 57% of organizations are not basing their marketing budgets on any ROI analysis. (via NYAMA)

17. 37% of organizations did not include any mention of finances when asked to define marketing ROI. (via NYAMA)

18. 29% of organizations report their marketing has “too little or no customer/consumer data.” (via NYAMA)

Content Marketing

19. The ROI of content marketing has risen 300% over the previous 3 years. (via Eloqua)

20. The average cost per lead drops 80% after 5 months of content marketing. (via Eloqua)

21. Content marketing is 31% cheaper than paid search advertising. (via Eloqua )

22. 83% of tech buyers found their vendor through Google. (via MarketingSherpa)

   image credit: stacy mitchell