2016-susan-gilbertIn today’s blog post I’d like to deviate from digital marketing tips and strategies to share some insights as to why I believe if people aren’t having the success they (think they) should have:

The source of, and cure for overwhelm.

Think back to a time when you were overwhelmed (that might have been a few minutes ago!)

Would it be fair to say that a (large) part of that overwhelm was due to not knowing what you should focus on?

If you’d had someone there telling you exactly what to do next at each step, you wouldn’t be overwhelmed, right?

Here’s what’s going on:

When you’re exposed to something completely new – which in the digital world can happen more often than not – you have absolutely NO way of knowing what is important, and what isn’t.

It all looks the same to your brain … everything is (potentially) equally important.

As a result it is IMPOSSIBLE to focus!

Meaning, if you’re suffering from “lack of focus”, jumping from one thing to another, there’s a great chance it’s because your brain cannot DECIDE what it should focus on … simply because it doesn’t have enough information to make that decision.

Now, just in case you’re thinking: “I’ll just LEARN about some more new stuff” …

… that’s NOT the answer.

Theoretical knowledge is just ‘information’ … what your brain is looking for is some indicator which bits are useful, or very useful (which is why we have many mechanisms built-in, like retracting our hand when we touch something hot).

So more information is just MORE stuff where the brain isn’t sure which one is truly important.

Instead, more EXPERIENCE (of what gives results and what doesn’t) is what you need & want.

And, by experience I mean “first hand experience”…

… “other people had success with this” does mean anything to your brain!

So, (just in case you’re not quite where you’d like to be), for 2016:

Make sure you have *something*, no matter how wobbly or rickety (in other words: the simplest, ugliest mini-funnel) …… but something where you experience what happens when you add traffic (i.e. you observe how people react to what you’re putting in front of them) … and then keep tweaking.

I promise you, you will no longer feel overwhelmed and you will be focused because you will now KNOW what works for your product or service.

Building relevant traffic that converts to prospects and customers are the lifeblood of your digital business.

Wishing you all the most Productive, Focused and Happy New Year!