Marketers Priority List

The holidays have passed and marketers are focusing on what will make them more effective and successful in 2014. Through conversations around the office between sales and marketing, we created a list of the top five topics we believe will be on every marketer’s priority list for this year.

  1. A clean and complete database gives marketers the ability to effectively reach out to customers who are most inclined to be interested in what they have to offer. Such a database saves marketers a whole lot of time, in turn saving your company money. Moreover, it helps foster and maintain strong customer relationships. With the right marketing data management techniques in place, developing a strong database is feasible.

  1. Behavioral data provides insight into a customer’s habits, preferences and interests. What else could a marketer ask for? With the rise of mobile and social media, pinpointing accurate behavioral data is entirely possible. This has led one industry insider to declare that “social behavioral data will be king” in 2014. With access to customers’ activities, interests and thoughts across social platforms, marketers have direct insight into their behavior and can use that information to develop effective campaigns.

  1. Knowing the best day and time to connect with customers is an asset for which all marketers are vying. You might have the best product that speaks to customers, but if you don’t get in touch with your target base at the right time, the deal might not get done. Conversely, catch a customer at the right time and your job as a marketer becomes that much easier.

  1. Killer content is the key to differentiating yourself amongst a sea of competitors. As a marketer, if you can disseminate unique, thought-provoking content, you can connect with your customers in a meaningful way, building a strong, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

  1. Innovative products and services are what customers want at the end of the day. When your products are strong enough to provide value that outshines the competition, they virtually sell themselves.

How does our wish list compare to yours?  Is there anything that you would add?