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With the competitive market today, companies need to stay quick on their feet in order to generate any marketing attention online. As video producers, we often produce videos for clients to generate more online views and sales.  Although, it takes more than just a viral video to maximize your marketing strategy, it also takes awareness.

Since our digital marketing campaigns are ever-evolving, due to Google algorithm changes and new developing web tools, it’s hard to put our businesses in the limelight. So what’s the best approach for an effective online marketing strategy?

Although there isn’t one answer, I highly recommend that companies should put their efforts in three core marketing strategies: strong informational videos, PPC ads, and SEO efforts.

Here’s why every company should utilize videos, SEO and PPC for the 2014 marketing campaign.

1. Identify your True Target Market


Utilizing a PPC campaign, such as Google Keywords, is a great way to start a campaign. The data collected from users who click on the campaign ads will help tailor your efforts towards the demographic that is most interested in your particular industry or service.


In turn, once you generate results from your PPC campaign, the ads should provide keywords in that individuals used to find you. These terms are incredibly valuable to use within your technical SEO efforts like writing strong page titles and meta descriptions to build a stronger organic search following.


Once you generate the traffic to your website, you need to keep users on your site. That’s where a homepage video comes in. Not only are videos good for optimizing a website on search engines, but it will also captivate your new traffic.

2. Increase your Brand Visibility


The most appealing aspect of PPC campaigns is that they are able to make your brand or product more visible. Google will place your video ads strategically in front of your ideal target market. This is beneficial for new promotions to attract new traffic to your business.

Video SEO

While PPC ads help attract people to your company’s website, it’s also necessary to implement strong and relevant titles on the webpage in order to maintain the users’ engagement. Since you cannot optimize a video by just adding it to a website, you must implement video rich snippets (the graphic and data that appear under every search result or give users a sense for what’s on the page or video) to your landing page videos. This will help optimize your website and video for higher Google page ranks.  


Interested in knowing more about Video Rich Snippets, read this informative article from Google.

3. Enhance your Social Media Outreach


Using PPC ads on social media platforms will help you to continually narrow down your demographic and will continually drive new people to your brand. Facebook ads have served as a great PPC tool to increase our company’s online presence and to promote new videos. Although Facebook has not released video ads on its platform, utilize pieces of your promotional video, such as the script or images to help promote your brand.

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Social media is a strong component for the success of your SEO campaign. When promoting both videos and content, the traffic driven from social media will ultimately affect your position on Google searches and will help increase organic traffic and search engine page ranks.


Social media and videos go together like peas and carrots. In order to generate the higher traffic and interest from new users, you must have engaging videos to captivate their attention. Nowadays most users are on social media platforms through mobile devices, which means that you have only a small amount of time to grab their attention.

The ultimate video marketing campaign involves understanding your target market by utilizing a mix of enticing video, PPC ads, and SEO efforts.  With this mix, you are essentially doubling your chances to receive better results and better engagement from traffic.